• Holiday beauty special: Sweet skin care – Chocolate


    chocolate and healthy clear skin

    Delicious treat, ‘feared’ by sensitive skin because of the everlasting myth that it causes acne… but chocolate is actually very beneficial in maintaining beautiful, healthy skin. Chocolate has delighted people since ancient times, but new secrets about it are still being uncovered every day. Eating it may not have immediate, visible effects, but using it on your skin may! The new craze in the beauty industry, one of the most demanded spa sessions, chocolate is probably the sweetest treat available for your skin.


    And you would not be one of the few using it: nowadays, with an increasing preference for exotic, exquisite, natural ingredients, chocolate based product lines for skin care and spa treatments are in demand: the rejuvenating chocolate bath, the facial treatment, the body wraps – spa indulgence and stress relievers for the entire body.


    ‘Skin care’ chocolate is not the same as the chocolate we eat (it doesn’t have ingredients like sugar or milk) and it is solely based on cocoa beans and cocoa butter. Best chocolate formula for skin care includes dark chocolate, rich in antioxidants and skin smoothing ingredients. Raw cocoa butter is the key ingredient that makes skin soft and delivers a load of beneficial nutrients. It leaves skin smooth and supple and prevents cell oxidation. This is why cocoa based products are not far from being a long sought answer in efficient skin care. The antioxidant and nourishing, protective properties of cocoa butter equal those of other hydrators with fatty acids. Cocoa extract regenerates and restructures the skin while delivering antioxidants to repair environmental damage.


    Topical chocolate skin care is especially recommended to those with dry or normal skin, with concerns like dull tone, rough texture, slow cell renewal, wrinkles, free radicals damage. Chocolate treatments help smooth out fine lines & wrinkles and hydrate efficiently. In spas, chocolate wraps are recommended to minimize the appearance of cellulite as well, because of the energizing effect of cocoa that improves circulation.


    What other chocolaty treats are available out there? The chocolate skin care products can be used in spas or at home. You can certainly use cocoa powder in your home-made beauty recipes but you can also buy them; products based on chocolate include face masks and facial treatments, soaps, body lotions and body scrubs (with cocoa beans granules), shower gels, lip balms and various protective creams.


    And don’t forget, a delicious treatment is always a pleasure: chocolate is a spa itself, after all, it is renowned for its ‘feel good’ ingredients that soothe our mind. Eating dark chocolate can fight aging, improve your mood and deliver anti-oxidant benefits to your entire body.



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