• What Kind of Skin Care Gifts Should You Give for the Holidays?

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    Every year, the holidays sneak up on us, and it’s time to give gifts to friends and family. Getting some great skin care products as gifts for the people in your life will make anyone happy – great skin is the gift that just keeps on giving in the form of improved self-confidence and happiness! Maybe you have some friends who are stuck in the same old skin care routine, and you want to break them out of the cycle with better products. Or maybe you simply have a skin care brand (such as Murad!) that you’re so passionate about that you want to give other people the opportunity to experience it. But if you’re buying skin care products for a friend, it can be a little more difficult to figure out. What skin type are they? Will they be offended and think that the gift means that you think that they are unattractive? Picking the wrong kind of skin care product might just end your friendship, so choose carefully! You will want to pick something for your recipient that won’t remind them that they need anti aging or anti acne treatment products. So what kind of skin care products should you give?


    Don’t Forget About the Guys! Skin Care Products are Great for Men, Too.

    It’s not just women who can benefit from the gift of skin care products. In fact, men often forget about taking care of their skin and can suffer worse damage from the elements and bad skin care habits. The effects of all that shaving can cause irritation and redness that should be taken care of. The right kind of men’s skin care treatment will not only moisturize the skin and help to keep it hydrated; it should also protect the skin from the sun as well as exfoliate the skin, making it look fresh. Because most men don’t think about skin care, look for a gift set or package that combines a cleanser, moisturizer, and shaving treatment so that they don’t have to learn too much or change too many habits too quickly!


    Go for Combination Gift Packs of Skin Care Products

    Buying a single product for a friend can be a tricky business, because you don’t know exactly what they’re using. Your best bet when buying skin care products is to make sure you get a combination pack of products that includes moisturizers, cleansers, and probably a treatment solution as well. If you’re really familiar with the gift recipient and know what kind of skin type they have, a combination pack that targets their specific acne treatment regimen, anti aging or anti wrinkle regimen or even antioxidant or combination skin care will be the perfect gift. If you’re not sure, get them something that everybody can use as described below. If you’re looking for a gift set that can be used by any skin type, consider Murad’s Vitalic® pomegranate skin care products. They’re loaded with antioxidants and can be used with any skin type. And they smell great!


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    Buy Skin Care Gifts That Everyone Can Use

    When you’re not really sure whether the gift recipient needs anti acne or anti-aging skin care, select a skin care product that’s good for every skin type’s needs. Skin care products that exfoliate are great for every skin type, as well as products that are packed with antioxidants to freshen the skin and help protect it from pollution. Lip balm and products that soothe the skin are great for keeping skin from drying out during the winter. A great facial mask or an eye cream are also individual products that anybody can use regardless of their skin care concerns. Most skin types will love facials, eye creams and products from Murad’s Essential-C and Environmental Shield skin care lines.


    Buying skin care products can be ideal gifts for your friends or family. All it takes is just a little thought to what you’re buying and what your recipient’s reaction will be. Don’t let it be awkward! We all know that a great gift will go a long way, so choose wisely! Spread the joy of great skin this holiday season.


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