• Holiday Skincare – tips and tricks.


    The stress accumulated during holidays can leave traces on your skin. What you expected to be a beautiful complexion suddenly becomes the host of dark circles, bags and puffiness around the eyes, breakouts, dull skin and wrinkles. It is recommended to take extra care of your skin around the holidays thus preventing the negative effects. Maintaining a balanced diet and cleaning your skin thoroughly will also help you stay away from skin trouble.

    And what if the inevitable has just happened… there are still some tricks left to try. Getting ready for a New Year’s party? Or having guests over for dinner? Make a little time for your skincare ritual and you’ll be glowing.

    Breakouts and pimple panic? Try quick remedies like spot treatments with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Alternatively, exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells which can clog pores. Do not rub too hard, exfoliation can cause irritation and lead to even more breakouts. Try a saline solution to dry out the pimple. To cover your blemishes, use a medicated concealer, specially designed to stop your blemish from getting even more inflamed. Spread the concealer evenly and cover with a thin layer of loose powder and tap it on the concealer with a cotton ball. Blend well.

    You can use an oil free moisturizer or a balancing formula that will prevent oil buildup and will keep your complexion shine-free for a whole party!

    Dull skin and wrinkles? Take a few minutes to relax and most importantly, sleep. Quick fixes include a powerful exfoliation session, with AHAs and BHAs that will remove your dull skin and smooth your wrinkles to reveal a brighter complexion. Keep your skin hydrated with your regular anti-aging moisturizer and use a special eye cream around the eyes. Make up shouldn’t be heavy or matte, use light diffusing foundation or eye shadows that will not accentuate your lines. Avoid too much black around your eyes and stay away from strong colors where your wrinkles show most

    Dry skin? make sure you allow natural ventilation in rooms with heating, keep the air moist as much as possible (special air humidifiers are a good choice for healthy body during winter), drink lots of water and change your usual moisturizer to a more hydrating one for the winter! Add moisture as often as needed and avoid alcohol and coffee (both dehydrate the body) and eat food rich in essential fatty acids. You can also use a moisturizing foundation but make sure you apply moisturizer and a makeup base first.

    Puffiness and bags under your eyes? Use the old tricks in the book like cold tea bags, green tea compresses on your eyes, cucumber slices and make sure you apply a gel-based eye cream. To enhance appearance with makeup, use darker colors and play with shadows at the crease of the lid – this will create the illusion of more depth and eyes will appear de-puffed! Don’t forget a drop of shimmer or metallic white in the inner corner of your eye – your eyes will appear more luminous.

    Oily, shiny skin? do not attempt to dry it, this will cause redness and probably breakouts, which are hard to cover with makeup. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and use a slightly astringent toner; instead of moisturizer, use an oil free mattifying lotion to balance out the most oily areas. A bit of powder will help absorb excess sebum.

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