• Three Tips for Keeping Clear Skin this Holiday Season


    The holidays are upon us once again. While it’s a festive time of year, it’s also the time of year for most of us to overindulge and over-schedule ourselves, creating a perfect storm for deviating from your usual skin care treatment,  increases in the amount of makeup you put on, allowances for deviating from normal diet, and –  of course –  stress. Any one of those changes in your regular lifestyle habits could have a drastic effect on your skin, but the holiday combination of all three can wreak all kinds of havoc. This holiday season, if you have acne prone skin, here are some tips to help keep your holiday acne treatment effective and clear into a Happy New Year!


    More Makeup? More Attention! Avoid Acne Breakouts with Responsible Makeup Use

    All the special events happening during the holiday season pretty much guarantee that you’ll want to put on more makeup. From the big holiday parties to the smaller family and friend gatherings, you want to look great for all those photos with those you love. With all those events, make sure you pay attention to when you get home and take off all that makeup.  In addition to never forgetting to remove your makeup, make sure that you’re using your full skin care treatment plan, especially if you’re acne prone. You cannot get rid of acne if you leave your makeup on all night or skip steps in your acne treatment plan. Also, go ahead and treat yourself to better makeup that has good reviews and uses all-natural ingredients – as we all know, low-quality makeup can irritate your skin and cause an increase in skin irritation and breakouts. Finally, if you’re using makeup that you’re unfamiliar with this holiday season, be sure to test patch it on a smaller area of skin to ensure that you don’t cause a reaction or irritation that could result in acne breakouts and blemishes.


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    Reduce Stress, Reduce Breakouts

    It’s hard trying not to over-schedule yourself during the holidays. That could mean an increase in your stress, meaning acne breakouts galore, even if you have an established acne skin care product regimen. While there’s no way you won’t feel any stress at all, it is very possible to try and lessen stress as much as you can. Your mental health will be a great benefit, and your skin will thank you in the form of fewer stress-related acne blemishes. How do you reduce stress? Enjoy a cup of herbal tea, do your holiday shopping during slow times to beat the crowds, and even treat yourself to a spa day for a mani-pedi or even a massage! A calmer you will mean clearer skin.


    Don’t Forget the Diet!

    We have all been there during the holidays – deviating from our diets because we’re super busy and the temptation to eat those holiday treats is so strong, we just can’t help ourselves. We work out less and drink more sodas and alcohol, leading to dehydrated skin and a deviation from our normal skin treatment regimen. Of course, hydrated skin starts from the inside, so it’s important to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and trying to eat foods rich in antioxidants if you can. Keeping to your normal daytime and nighttime acne skin care treatment will give you that natural glow at any event. Diet absolutely plays a role in acne control, and if you begin to fill your body with unhealthy foods, it will later show on your skinin the form of blemishes and acne breakouts – just in time for the holidays.

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    • I just read couple of your articles, and must say, your Blog is awesome.
      Holiday Season is really well known time when we forget to pay attention, and usually do not have time to focus on our beauty and diet, and that is so wrong.

      Also, “Body Acne Treatment Products and Advice” is really useful and great article, I agree on every single thing, specially – By reducing stress, eating a healthy diet, and using an effective acne body cleanser, your body can soon have great looking, acne-free skin in no time!

      Great job!

      Beauties Factory UK

    • For me, holidays are like eat and sleep and nothing else. I just don’t pay attention towards my skin and beauty in those days. Once I feel weird about my skin then I starts spending lots of money on it. I think I have to be conscious about my skin and other things from now on.

    • During cold season, my skin cracks so much. I just can’t touch my skin. So, I have to apply cold creams to get rid of this problem.

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