• Hormonal aging and your skin

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    hormonal aging & anti wrinkle treatments

    Hot flashes, dry skin, palpitations, mood swings and irritability, trouble sleeping, overall body changes and possibly….back to acne. Menopause can be a tough time for some and it can take its toll on appearance as well. Psychologically, it can be quite discouraging to get back to the same teenage problems you had long time ago, but this is a little different. And this time, most of the changes are permanent. Dryness, loss of elasticity, dull complexion and breakouts are just a few of the most common transformations.

    Skin changes. Irremediably
    Changes can be quite significant: tone and texture change, dryness replaces softness. Skin becomes dryer as it loses water with age (our body is 75 % water at birth but as we age, we lose the water from our cells and tissues, so by middle age, only 50% of our body weight is represented by water). The water loss is not easily controllable as this is a quite natural process.
    Deep wrinkles form at this later stage because of the lower level of hydration. Water loss can make spider veins visible and rosacea develops much easier. Because of the dryness, skin becomes itchy, hair gets thinner and fingernails break easier. Not only face skin is affected, but the entire body: arms and legs, hands, chest – skin dries out and loses elasticity.

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    Though skin aging is natural and an inevitable part of growing older (no one can actually stop it) improvement is possible and the visible signs can fade with proper care. Anti–aging solutions include anti wrinkle creams or cleansers, age spot removing lotions, special eye creams, plus make up specially designed to hide aging imperfections (which works only on mature skin and not on the young one as well). Intense moisturizing must provide hydration to the skin but also lock in moisture, at the time when this is most precious. The optimal solutions address specific, targeted needs like genetic aging, so other types like environmental aging products will not target the same kind of problem.
    As skin gets 80% of its beauty from the inside, a healthy life style and a good diet can be considered the key solutions for the eternal aging problems. Fatty Acids, vitamins, Zinc, antioxidants and vegetal oils in your daily meals will make your skin resilient and provide hydration from the inside. Maintaining an exercise regimen and getting enough sleep every day will help restore the appearance of skin and slow down the aging signs.

    Acne again?!
    At the “who gets acne” question earlier on this blog, one of the answers was: women during menopause (including pre and post menopause stages) can be subjected to acne because of the hormonal balance shifts, that can eventually lead to breakouts among other skin disorders. Fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone levels leave their mark on the skin, along with a surplus supply of oil, dead skin cells and facial hair.
    Using exfoliators, maintaining a proper diet and the optimum level of hydration can overcome the severity of breakouts but menopause acne can be a common problem.
    You can keep hormonal balance under control with medical supervision and you should always try to keep your skin clean and clear. Topical solutions might be of great help and it is recommended to try topical acne medication as well. The three basic steps of skincare should be strictly followed: cleansing/toning, then exfoliating (which will also help with fine lines and wrinkles) and moisturizing (great help for your dehydrated skin). Exfoliation with AHAs is most suitable, but also gentle, for mature skin (read about Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid). Protect skin from the sun radiation with UV protection lotions and nourish it with ingredients like phyto-estrogens and vitamins. And never forget the most important rule, internal hydration: a hydrated skin will respond much better to treatments and will heal faster.

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