• What is Hormonal Aging?


    How To Treat Hormonal AgingWe all know about about how UV rays and free radicals from the environment can cause early signs of aging. You may even be aware of your own genetic makeup and how Genetic aging can affect your anti aging skin care treatment plan, but those aren’t the only kinds of aging that you should be on the lookout for. Did you know that, for women, your hormones have a role to play in how you age? When you lose estrogen as you get older, the wrinkles and fine lines can get deeper. This kind of aging is called Hormonal Aging. So what are its signs and what can you do about it?


    What Does Hormonal Aging Do?

    In women, the body’s natural process of producing estrogen lessens the closer they get to menopause. In fact, in some studies, women have lost up to  thirty percent of their estrogen in the five years following menopause. Estrogen is key protein to ensuring that the skin stays smooth and wrinkle-free, and the face is where a high number of estrogen receptors are located. The lack of estrogen means the face will lose firmness, causing fine lines and wrinkles to appear or – even worse – get deeper. That means that worry lines, laugh lines, and crows’ feet can all become bigger issues as you get older. An anti aging skin care regimen that targets the loss of estrogen can help fight the signs or hormonal aging from getting worse.


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    How to Combat Hormonal Aging

    Hormonal aging needs a proactive approach to combating and treating the signs of aging before they happen. Murad’s Resurgence® line of anti aging skin products work with the Science of Cellular Water to restore firmness and your skin’s natural, youthful glow. The Resurgence Night & Day Regimen contains Age-Balancing Night Cream to treat your skin while you sleep as well as Sheer Lustre Day Moisture that contains SPF15 to protect the skin during the day. To take on the wrinkles and fine lines, Murad Age Reform is specifically formulated to restore hydration to the skin, containing Glycolic Acid to minimize dullness and maximize skin’s glow. When combating Hormonal Aging, you want to look for products that will moisturize while also helping to combat the drop off in collagen production.


    Treating Eye Wrinkles

    Your eyes are the first thing everyone sees when they meet you, so you want to make a great first impression, even as you get older! You may already be aware that the skin around your eyes doesn’t get as much oil (sebum) as the rest of your face, making it more susceptible to fine lines like crows’ feet than anywhere else on the face. When your estrogen levels decrease as you get older, combining with the lack of oil around the eyes, deep wrinkles can form. Both Murad’s Resurgence® and Age Reform® skin care product lines contain specific eye treatments specially formulated for the skin around the eyes.


    Hormonal aging is treatable with an early, proactive approach to the preliminary signs of aging. Murad has specifically formulated anti aging and anti wrinkle skin care products that will target your specific hormonal aging concerns. Start combating the signs of hormonal aging today!


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