• Hot ingredients to melt stubborn cellulite

    cayenne and cellulite treatment
    How about a new -and hopefully final- battle with cellulite before summer kicks off? Over the winter, fat deposits are likely to form under the skin on the thighs, arms and abdomen. There’s no easy way to a perfect, cellulite-free skin, but here’s something that will speed up the process: 3 “hot” ingredients to burn the stubborn fat! 

    With topical treatments, a balanced diet and regular exercise to tone the muscles, the look of your skin should improve within weeks.Topical treatments alone can’t remove cellulite but contribute to draining the fluids and the fat accumulated in the skin tissue. Some ingredients help regenerate the damaged skin, some help firm and tone, some improve blood circulation to the skin.

    Let’s focus on those ingredients that draw heat to the surface of the skin and stimulate the blood flow, contributing to the melting of the accumulated fat.

    Cayenne pepper is great for your health and great for your skin. It combats inflammation, improves circulation, combats dry and flaky skin and improves oxygenation. The key is capsaicin, active ingredient frequently used as a pain reliever, but also quite beneficial for the whole body. While many home remedies recommend raw seeds in treating cellulite (usually in mixtures with coffee grind and organic oils), cayenne can irritate the skin and that’s why it’s safer as part of a topical treatment. Alternatively, opt for hot peppers in your meals every day (if you like them!) – this contributes to weight loss as it boosts your metabolism.

    Black pepper is not so popular but it’s on our hot list for cellulite control. It has almost the same fat-burning properties as cayenne and it’s definitely an ingredient to consider in your cellulite treatments. Tonic and antitoxic, black pepper essential oil from your body cream can improve skin’s condition, regenerate supportive tissue and fight the fatty deposits with its “warming” action.

    Peppermint stimulates the skin and has the same “warming” effect. As a great anti-inflammatory and restorative ingredient, it is used in skincare especially in acne and cellulite treatments. It soothes the skin and relaxes the area, contributing to the penetration of other active ingredients. Peppermint oil is frequently used for cellulite massage.


    • My girlfriend on December 21, 2009 used Veet rather than shave her legs, then that evening got into the “hot tub”. She lost all the cellulite in her legs with a tremendous amount of pain and now her legs have scarred. Is there anything that you can recommend her to use to clear the scarring or will this eventually have to clear itself up? The instructions on Veet just indicated not to go swimming. I hope you can suggest something especially with summer coming on and she wants to be in a bathing suit and/or shorts just like the rest of us. Thanks for any help you can give me to pass on to her.
      Karen Mayne

    • So am I suppose to eat these things to help get rid of cellulite?

    • @ Karen: scarring requires consistent care and it doesn’t have a definitive remedy. Most used solutions for scars are Vitamin E and Vitamin C which influence the production of collagen and help skin regenerate and repair damaged tissue.

    • This is for weight loss? I see this ingredients in lot of weight loss pills (the don’t work I suppose). But it is too little to melt cellulite. You should change your diet.

    • I have made intensive studies into the treatment of cellulite and came to the conclusion that the expensive treatments do not work. The most effective way of reducing cellulite is the right kind of exercise. This combined with some of the disguise methods suggested can be quite effective. However I don’t believe there is a cure. Sad but true.

    • Vitamin A and caffeine also help…though i’m very intrigued by the peppermint idea

    • Dishes with these ingredients are very hot, but I read about this some more and I think hot dishes remove bad bacteria from organism. Maybe it helps also with celllulite, i will try.

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