• How to Achieve Shine-free Skin


    Oily skin is believed to affect lots of people at least at some point in their lives. Excess oiliness is not only an unaesthetic issue, but it can also lead to various complications like clogged pores, whiteheads, blackheads and acne breakouts.  The condition is mostly common at a young age but it can persist long into the 50s and over.


    Even if you have oily complexion, it is important to moisturize skin every day in order to prevent excess oil production and balance it out naturally. When skin is stripped of its natural oils, it tries to overcompensate by producing even more oils to protect skin and maintain its optimal hydration levels. Using a moisturizer is a great , simple way of preventing this from happening.  Certain natural oils can help with this condition as well, although it may sound like a terrible idea to use an oil on oily skin – but n practice, offering your skin plenty of nourishing oils will trick it into producing less.


    What ingredients are best used to combat excess oil production? Argan oil regulates oil production, provides anti-oxidants and some Vitamin E  to soothe inflammation and help skin repair itself.  Tea Tree oil is an efficient anti-bacterial agent and is a very reliable antiseptic solution. Willow Bark extracts contain  a chemical called salicin which is known to be able to break comedones and also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which are essential for acne treatment.


    You can find all these ingredients in the new Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 from Murad. This oil-free moisturizer provides all day oil control to reduce breakouts and improve the look of skin. Available at muradcanada.com starting at $29.95.


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