• How To Approach Weight Loss If You Don’t Want To End Up With Loose Skin


    If you’re overweight you need to be really careful because when you try to shift those pounds it could ruin your skin. Let’s look at what you need to know if you want to ensure your skin looks great once you’re back down to a healthy size.

    Don’t try to rush anything

    I know you’ll want to start starving yourself when you start a diet, but it’s a terrible idea if you’re overweight because you’ll have lots of body fat to lose. Over the years all that body fat has stretched your skin, but you need to appreciate your skin isn’t like an elastic band. Your skin won’t be able to revert back to normal if you lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time and that is the biggest problem people face if they don’t want to end up with lots of loose skin.

    Start counting calories

    Before you do anything else you need to start counting the amount of calories you eat per day. There are plenty of calculators online that will help you determine how many calories you need to eat per day to stay at the exact same weight. You need to learn how to count the calories found in everything you eat and drink because it’s going to help save your skin. I would spend a few weeks learning how to count calories properly before you tackle a big diet.

    Reduce by a few hundred per day

    Everyone always has two options and they must choose from carefully. Once you learn how to count calories you can start eating a few hundred per day less than the amount you need to stay at the same weight. This means you will lose weight very slowly and it might take you years until you look great. You can also reduce your daily calories by much more than a few hundred per day and the weight will begin to fall off you, but there is a chance of your skin not recovering quickly enough.

    It’s a big risk

    You don’t always need to stick to a calorie deficit of a few hundred per day because it’s a very conservative figure. Some days you could easily reduce your calories by a lot more than a few hundred and you might not do yourself any harm. If you do decide to push yourself to the limits a few times per week I’d definitely still have a few conservative days scattered in there. It’s a big risk and only you will be able to decide how desperate you are to slim down.

    Some will always fail

    If you’re very overweight you might find it doesn’t matter how slowly you lose weight because you’ll always end up with loose skin no matter what you do. This can happen to anyone once they reach a certain size, especially if they’ve put on the weight very quickly. In these cases you’ll need to see a cosmetic surgeon to remove the excess skin, so if you’re going under the knife anyway you might decide you want to lose the weight as quickly as possible. Speak to a doctor to see what they think before you decide anything.


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