• How to avoid skin photosensitivity?

    skin photosensitivity-Part II-
    Severe skin reactions to sun light can be avoided when you have your skincare routine under control. So what can you do in order to avoid sun sensitivity?

    • Check out the expiration date of your skincare products, store them in a dry, cool place and don’t use them beyond the recommended date.
    • Apply sunscreen which protects skin against both UVAs and UVBs; apply and reapply every time you go outside, even in the shade. Applying sunscreen should be sufficient to protect skin from sun pigmentation after using certain ingredients.
    • Don’t use any cosmetic products on irritated skin
    • Don’t use perfume directly on your skin, especially in the areas that are directly exposed to UV (ultraviolet) light.
    • If you’re known to have very photosensitive skin, avoid sunlight completely and cover your body when you go out.
    • Boost the amount of antioxidants in your body, internally, by eating antioxidant rich foods
    • Have a balanced diet and make sure your body and your skin are always optimally hydrated

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