• How to Reduce the Appearance of a Fresh Scar


    If you have been physically scarred, then you may well be worrying now about how that scar is going to look in a few years’ time and whether or not it’s likely to fade and become less prominent. Fortunately you are worrying at the right time, and as long as you act quickly to treat your new injury, you’ll find there are many ways you can help it to recover and ensure it is as unnoticeable as possible.

    Get Immediate Medical Attention

    The first thing to do if you have a big open wound is to get immediate medical attention. This should mean getting your wound sewn or glued closed while it heals, and the more quickly and efficiently this is performed the more quickly the scar will fade and the less visible it will be in the future.

    Note that the quality of the stitching you get here is very important. If you have a scar and it isn’t stitched closed perfectly so that it aligns then you can end up looking slightly uneven – particularly if the scar affects your lip line (you want your lip to line up perfectly on either side). If you don’t get this part right, then even when the scar fades it will still be obvious where it once was.


    Now that your wound has been closed it will be up to you to regularly treat it and to take care of it. Vitamin D for instance is very good for the skin, and applying a vitamin D cream topically every day can help you to speed up recovery. If you don’t have access to a vitamin D cream, then you can always take a vitamin D capsule and burst that in order to release the vitamin for treating your scar.

    Better than vitamin D though is to use BioOil. This is a cream that is designed specifically for treating scars and stretch marks, and it works by getting through the upper layers of the skin in order to really benefit the damaged areas and help to reduce the visibility of your scars.

    Most important of all though is to rinse regularly and thoroughly with a saline solution. A saline solution is any mixture of salt and water, and using this will help to fight off bacteria and to crucially prevent an infection. This should be your number one priority at all times, as getting an infection can severely worsen a scar making it look and feel rougher both in the long and short term.

    More Tips

    These immediate actions will help you to reduce your scar as quickly as possible. Subsequently though you should also make sure not to rub or scratch your scar and you should continue to moisturize and to exfoliate which can help to remove the damaged upper layers of your skin. And in the short term if you want to reduce the appearance of your scar then you can always use a little lemon juice or concealer to minimise the damage. Or of course you could look for a facial plastic Surgeon!

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