• How to repair loose skin and stretch marks



    get rid of stretch marksEvery time your body changes or your weight fluctuates, your skin can suffer. Stretch marks appear as a result of your skin being forced to stretch quickly during weight-gain. Both stretch marks, from gaining weight, and loose skin, from losing weight, are skin issues that are hard to undo without surgery but not impossible – with a little will power.
    If prevention is not an alternative anymore, skin needs time to tighten up and it needs special, constant help when strict diets affect the quality of the elastic tissue. Don’t be impatient. Hydration and workout are essential and have great results in the longer run.
    It is recommended to start with building new muscle under the skin, to support the tissues which fat used to support before. This is not that difficult but it requires certain types of exercises that strengthen your muscles and eating food that supports the muscle grow (carbohydrates -moderately, proteins). Provide your skin with nutrients to rebuild the skin cell elasticity, both topically and internally. This will improve the skin cells elasticity and the tissue suppleness.
    The best vitamins for skin regeneration are Vitamin E, Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) and various hydrating botanical oils. For stretch marks, it is crucial to apply treatments twice a day in order to get results. Opt for products which incorporate these ingredients or use the pure vitamin oils (like vitamin E) you can get from the drug stores.

    Different cosmetic procedures are available for faster skin renewal and these can help especially when the stretch marks are serious: chemical peels and microdermabrasion, or simple exfoliation procedures, can help improve the appearance of the unsightly marks. If stretch marks are new (they have a pink or red color), the chances or correcting their appearance are increased. If they are older (appear to be ivory white) then results may appear after a longer treatment. Patience and consistency are key to improving skin problems all the time. 

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