• Improve the health of every cell in your body through nutrition and exercise.


    Careful choices of food and dietary supplements ensure that your body has the building blocks it needs to produce the strong membranes that are the prime marker of younger, healthier, high-functioning, water-rich cells. For example, a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like those found in cold water fish, provides the body with healthy lipids that are one of the fundamental components of water-tight cell membranes. When cells can hold the water they need to function, they can support all systems in the body.
    Exercise does more than help you lose weight; it actually hydrates your cells. Exercise provides chemical and mechanical stimulation that has a positive impact on the cellular health and function of every system in the body including the digestive, circulatory, lymph, endocrine, excretory and nervous systems. Plus, being physically active helps us shift to a higher ratio of muscle to fat, which improves overall hydration since muscle cells hold more healthy water than fat cells.

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