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    dr. murad and inclusive healthAlong with innovations in product ingredients, Dr. Howard Murad has developed theories and principles that function as fundamentals for his formulas designed for healthy skin: the Inclusive Health® philosophy is a comprehensive inside and out approach to optimal skin health and total wellness. One of the basic principles of the Inclusive Health® philosophy is the Cellular Water Principle which emphasizes the important role of the hydration at cellular level. 

    So what is Inclusive Health®? It is a principle incorporated in most of the Murad treatments: it combines internal with external care along with emotional care. These are the three pillars of Inclusive Health® and they represent the main support of a healthy body, inside and out. Internal care targets the overall health of the body as a whole and aims at providing the necessary nutrients. Topical care refers to the way you care for your skin from the outside: providing nourishment and hydration is essential for the skin, our body’s largest organ which needs to stay strong and healthy.
    The Emotional care approach refers to the psychological balance a person needs; healing and staying healthy depends on having a healthy mind and having a positive thinking; as the old latin saying goes, everybody should wish for a “mens sana in corpore sano” – a healthy mind in a healthy body ; there is an interdependency here that is essential for the body’s optimal functions and for not ultimately, for beautiful skin.

    By optimizing your internal, external and emotional environments, Inclusive Health® gives your body and spirit the best opportunity to thrive. Studies at the Murad Inclusive Health Center have demonstrated that when these three environments are optimized, people don’t merely report a perceived increase health and happiness – wellness is objectively reflected in an increase in intracellular water, just as predicted by The Science of Cellular Water.

    The Science of Cellular Water situates water loss at the heart of all health problems and aging, and looks for the most efficient methods to keep vital water at cellular level. Cells need proper hydration and most importantly, need to retain the optimal hydration all the time. As long as this balance is maintained within the cells, the body is young and resilient. These theories point out that it is possible to improve the appearance by improving our healthy, from the cellular level up.

    So why waste another chance to get fit, healthy and look better? Eating a balanced diet, moderate exercise and dedicating more time for your own well being could significantly improve your health. Not ultimately, care for your skin with high quality ingredients and maintain a consistent, daily regimen. 


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