• Ingredient spotlight: Licorice extract


    Licorice root has long been used for medicinal purposes. Its natural sweetness and flavor are well known… but maybe less than the plant’s benefits for skincare. Some skincare products that contain licorice extract are designed to treat problems like acne, rosacea or dark spots. The truth: licorice has wonderful healing powers because of a compound named glycyrrhizin (glycyrrhizic acid). It’s not a very common ingredient but in the right formula, it promotes skin health.

    An excellent anti-inflammatory agent, it has also been proven to have antimicrobial properties. Studies have indicated that licorice root extract works well combined with commonly prescribed ingredients for rosacea and significantly contributes to reducing its signs.

    Licorice root also helps treat acne because it reduces redness and swelling. For acne sufferers, it contributes to calming inflamed skin and killing bacteria.

    Some products available on the market use liquiritin, which is derived from licorice, to treat melasma (dark pigmentation of the face that appears mostly in women). Applied topically, it helps lighten the dark spots on the face.

    You can also use licorice to manage your acne breakouts from the inside! As a good general tonic, it also helps your skin. Natural licorice helps cleanse your digestive system, supports the adrenal glands and balances the sugar levels in the blood, all known to influence acne breakouts. Before taking licorice supplements you should consult the prospect and be aware that large amounts are not safe for your health.

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