• Fall Means Hockey, Football … and Men’s Skin Care Tips!


    Men’s Skin CareIt’s officially fall! That means the return to the ice of the NHL, the full swing of the NFL football season, lots of pick-up games for both sports and, of course, special skin care tips for men who love fall sports! Men’s skin care needs aren’t the same as women’s skin care needs, and the best skin care products  for men won’t necessarily be what a woman uses. Here are some useful tips for men who want healthy skin as fall kicks in!


    Men’s Skin Care Tip: Outdoor Pick Up Games Mean a Need for Sunscreen

    Whether you’re playing an outdoor pick-up game of football, slamming pucks on an open pond or rink or just enjoying the fall weather outdoors with some Frisbee, you must put on sun block or sunscreen! The sun does more damage to the skin than any other factor and can not only cause the early signs of aging, it can also cause skin diseases. Pick up a sun block or sunscreen and then make sure that you’re using it while enjoying the man outdoor sports of fall.


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    Men’s Skin Care Tip: Make Your Acne Treatment Products   Count!

    If part of your skin care routine as a man is to help you try to get rid of acne, then you need to be extra careful in the fall. As the air becomes more dry and you may be collecting more dead and dry skin cells on the surface of your skin, make sure that you’ve got a structured acne treatment program to stick to. Also, if you’re beginning to grow your winter beard in, you’ll want to be extra sure that you’re using a good acne treatment cleanser.


    Men’s Skin Care Tip: Maintain Your Beard or Jaw Line

    For many men, fall means that it’s time to begin to grow in the winter beard. This can cause an increase in surface oils on your skin as well as potential ingrown hairs. If you’re not growing in your winter beard, then the normal challenges of daily shaving for men still apply – the need to control redness, bumps, irritation and ingrown hairs. Be sure that you’re using an exfoliating skin cleanser on your beard line or jaw line. If you do shave, be sure to follow that up with a moisturizer or skin soother.


    Men’s Skin Care Tip: Moisturizer Matters

    Fall means that the air is getting drier. Don’t let that impact your skin! Be sure that you’re using a daily, lightweight moisturizer to keep skin healthy and balanced.


    Fall is a great time to get outdoors and “play.” It’s also an important time to be aware of your skin care needs, even if you are a man!


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