• Mission Exfoliation (II): Lactic Acid

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    Some say it is the best of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs): it is for sure one of the most effective ones, largely used in skincare, especially in exfoliating products. It is derived from milk and is formed by natural fermentation. While Glycolic Acid (in our previous post) proved to be a little harsh in concentrated treatments and most suitable for normal to oily skin, Lactic Acid is recommended for those with sensitive skin. Its action is milder and generally well tolerated by all skin types.Although gentle, it can still perform its basic “exfoliator” duty: it removes dead cells buildup on pores, improves skin texture, dissolves impurities and encourages rapid cell turnover. Lactic Acid is not toxic and can be well tolerated by skin, even in larger amounts. In concentrations over 10% it exfoliates very well even the roughest parts of the body.The Lactic Acid peel is one of the best treatments for hyper-pigmentation and aging signs; it gently exfoliates, leaving a hydrated, smooth and resilient skin. In anti aging procedures, it softens the skin and helps reduce fine lines. Used daily in low concentrations (the usual cosmetic products concentration), it will not harm the skin and not cause irritations like other exfoliators.
    Its action is very similar to that of Glycolic Acid, but with a plus of gentleness: it works by dissolving the lipids that hold the dead skin cells together, revealing the new level of skin cells. This new layer of cells is more sensitive so it’s recommended to stay away from direct UV radiation for a while and use a minimum SPF of 15 for protection every time you go outside.

    You can find Lactic Acid in many exfoliating skincare products, especially the ones for dry, mature or sensitive skin. If cosmetic products are not what you prefer, then there is always a 100% natural way: for the same benefits of lactic acid peels, simply use organic whole milk yogurt on the clean skin and let the lactic acid work for a few minutes. Rinse and then apply your regular toner/moisturizer.


    Our recommendation for clear, smooth skin with Lactic & Glycolic Acid:
    Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser – a gentle exfoliator that cleanses and retexturizes without drying out the skin

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