• Interview with Carolyn Nikkanen, the new face of Murad Resurgence!


    “Dr. Murad […] has the belief and wisdom to help women take better care of their skin”

      Carolyn Nikkanen is the CEO of Carolyn’s Model and talent Agency in Toronto and one of the true Murad advocates. She is a brave 4 times cancer   survivor, also a devoted supporter of Murad products which, in her own words, have always helped her look and feel good. No wonder she was chosen to be the face of Murad Resurgence® in the next infomercial! As a winner of the Murad Facebook contest, Carolyn had the chance to meet Dr Murad and Joan Lunden in L.A. where the infomercial was filmed.

    We had the privilege to interview Carolyn and find out more about her inspiring story, favorite Murad products and meeting Dr. Murad himself!


    How did you discover Murad products and when did you start using them?

    I was watching TV one evening and saw Joan Lunden on the infomercial and Dr. Murad.   I loved how Joan looked and loved the testimonials. I was really impressed with Dr. Murad.


    What’s your favorite Murad product and why?

    My favorite Murad product is the Renewing Cleansing Cream and Age-Diffusing Serum. The cleanser removes every trace of makeup and leaves your skin glowing. The serum is amazing, my skin looks plump and glowing afterwards, I love it.

    We heard you won a Facebook contest to visit dr. Murad, how was your experience?

    My experience after winning the Facebook contest on being the next star in the Murad infomercial was an amazing experience. I traveled in style, stayed at a beautiful hotel in Los Angeles, and I got to visit the Murad Spa in LA. Murad is an amazing company with great staff, everyone was just so nice!  The spa was the best! I had a Murad Resurgence® Facial, which was so amazing! I want to go back to the spa just to have another facial.   Murad provided a Limo for me to take me around to the Studio and the Murad Spa. It was such an inspirational and amazing experience which I will never forget.

    So you will be one of the spokespersons for the next Murad infomercial. Tell us more about your experience on the set and meeting Dr. Murad!

    I was very fortunate to get to meet Joan and Dr. Murad back in June 2011. I was chosen to fly to Los Angeles and film the next infomercial with them, they are just amazing. Dr. Murad is a believer in health from the inside out and what you put on your skin must be good for your body. Being a 4 time cancer survivor this really has been a concern of mine. What you put on your skin goes into your body! The Murad products are amazing products. I love the ingredients.

    We heard about your inspiring story and fight against cancer in Toronto Sun, would you like to tell us more about that?

    I am a 4 time cancer survivor, this year in January I was diagnosed with breast cancer again, I am fine now, and had my breast removed and got an infection, collapsed lung and pneumonia, I was hospitalized for 10 days. I brought my Murad products with me; I thought at least I wanted to look good (laughs). Hospital air is so dry, the Murad kept my complexion looking amazing!

    How did Murad help you throughout your fight with cancer?

    Murad Resurgence® kept me looking good, it gave me a healthy glow, it helped me feel better about myself, now 54 years old, I was starting to feel a little tired looking. Once I used Resurgence®, the change in my skin was remarkable, it also helped me wanting more, so I lost weight and started eating better, so now I am 20 lbs lighter, all because of Murad Resurgence®.

    What would you recommend to Canadian women about your experience with Murad?

    I truly believe every woman should invest in themselves and try Murad!  They will not be disappointed!  Murad Resurgence®is one of the best skin care products I personally have every used that show results. It will change your life!

    Tell us about your daily skincare routine….

    My daily skin care routine is, first thing in the morning, I cleanse my face with the Murad Resurgence® cleanser then I use the Serum and Eye Cream, then I use the day moisturizer. At night I cleanse with Resurgence®, it removes every bit of makeup and mascara too. It is a great cleanser, it is not greasy, my face feels smooth and clean afterwards and moist.  Then I use the Serum and the night cream and eye cream. Since I have been using Resurgence® my skin looks 10 years younger. I actually noticed a difference from the first night I used it, I couldn’t believe it, and I had a healthy glow.

    What advice on skin care would you give to all women out there?

    My advice to all women would be to give Resurgence® a try, you will not be disappointed.  I have met Dr. Murad and had the time to speak with him, he is an amazing man with compassion and truly has the belief and wisdom to help women take better care of their skin by providing women with an excellent product!

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