• Natural skincare: homemade scrubs and toners.

    natural skin care products
    Time to have fun and not get alarmed when you run out of your favorite exfoliating scrub; prepare risk free cosmetic products right at home! Benefits: 100% natural, cost effective, fast and available anytime! For an emergency skincare routine, you can always look for ingredients in your fridge.
    You can exfoliate those dead cells and refresh your skin naturally. Here are a few basic recipes that will surely lead to more ideas! Use them on your face or body, for a delicious treat and good results


    Coffee + Milk + Olive Oil
    Get some medium granulated coffee, some milk and olive oil, Mix them until a paste results and exfoliate! Excellent for dull, tired skin, also for mature complexions. It will invigorate and help your skin regenerate. Coffee has antioxidants, and olive oil is one of the most nourishing ingredients, frequently used in cosmetic care.
    Corn flour + Egg white
    Mix them into a consistent paste and scrub gently! This is perfect for oily skin. It will clean away all impurities and leave your skin smooth and shiny clean. Raw egg whites have lots of nourishing elements like minerals and vitamins
    Wheat + Honey
    The best scrub that will nourish your skin! Mix the two in your desired amounts and apply on damp skin. This will leave you skin soft and nourished.
    Wheat + Chamomile tea
    Mix some chamomile infusion (tea) with wheat germs and use it on sensitive or blemished skin for a soft exfoliation. Chamomile tea will heal and soothe while wheat germs will contribute to your skin health with vitamin E, Magnesium, Zinc and essential fatty acids. 

    Need toning? Toning is an important step in your skincare routine and is part of the cleansing stage. To minimize pores and tone your skin you can use a few efficient natural ingredients. If you have some spare pure green tea, chamomile or sage, you just got yourself a great toner. Use the infusion of any of these plants to tone, purify and balance your skin. It might not feel like your favorite toner, but it will do the trick when your regular toner bottle is empty.


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