• New Year’s Top Skincare Resolutions


    We’ve researched the World Wide Web to find the biggest New Year skin care resolutions of women from around the world.  Not surprisingly, the top skin care resolutions for this year are actually the best long-term resolutions one could have for her skin. Now of course, such resolutions are not just for the year – but for a lifetime of beautiful results.

    Here are the top beauty resolutions you should consider, in case you’re not doing that already:

    1. Protect your skin every day with sunscreen.

    With the skin cancer awareness and with new research backing up our knowledge of the sun’s aging effects on the skin, then it’s no wonder more women swear to wear sunscreen on their face every day and every season. Even on cloudy days, the sun rays are powerful enough to cause harm to your skin and cummulated damage leads to unsightly aging signs over the years.

    2. Moisturize day and night.

    According to the Nivea Skin-dex Survey results, we now know dry skin is the leading cause of dissatisfaction among Canadians and that as much as 19% of Canadians agree this is their primary skin concern. It seems that moisture on your skin can never be too much. Far from advising overuse of moisturizers, it’s important to point out that moisturizing is essential for both dry and oily skin, at any age.  Your cells depend on moisture to stay plump, function properly and fulfill their barrier function.

    3. Follow a daily regimen rigorously.   

    According to the same survey mentioned above, almost half (47%) of Canadian women value their daily skin care regimen.  We think it’s time to increase that percentage. A daily regimen doesn’t have to be time-consuming, and it doesn’t have to include lots of products. Depending on your skin care issues, your age and your needs, you can put together a simple regiment that works best for you. Whether it’s just a cleanser and a SPF moisturizer or an entire kit with toner and treatments make sure you stick to your routine every day and this way you’ll enjoy long term skin youthfulness and health.



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