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    Nutrition and Beauty ‘You are what you eat’ is a concept widely spread in every culture nowadays. The importance of nutrition in attaining a healthy body and beauty has gained recognition and lots of followers. A balanced diet based on all three food classes, the consistent intake of necessary nutrients, and proper hydration are guaranteed to help you achieve beauty in health – because a healthy body IS beautiful.

    Nutrition is not just the fundament of beauty but also its consistent resource. What you put inside your body is the primary element that determines your whole structure. Becoming aware of nutrition affects your entire life can help you make the necessary changes in order to achieve real and lasting beauty. Beautifying foods are largely discussed and promoted in different forms. Eventually it’s not just one food; it’s a complex of foods and the balance in your diet that will contribute to a transformation with visible effects on your appearance.

    Proteins, fats and carbohydrates are the necessary elements in any diet. Proteins are the building block of the human body. The best sources are the uncooked vegetal foods like green leafy vegetables, algae, bee pollen, nuts. Fats are oils involved in several body functions and contribute to the cellular integrity and offer long term energy. Plant and seed derived oils are the healthiest choices alongside raw nuts and fruits like avocado and olives. Carbohydrates are sugars which are vital for the central nervous system and offer an immediately available form of energy for all organs. Best sources of carbohydrates are sweet fruits and vegetables but also grains.

    Together all three food classes, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates create the source for a beautiful appearance. Water, in natural state or derived from foods, is the key element to be added to the balance and also a key element for beauty. The quantity of water one must drink depends on age, lifestyle and diet – however, a balanced diet rich in raw foods and healthy fats provides proper hydration to the cells and contributes to maintaining healthy hydration levels in the body tissues, without the need of much added water.

    Plant based food is a great source of all these necessary elements including water, and also for a multitude of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that have great beautifying qualities. The appearance of skin and the health of tissues, the strength of bones and muscles and good energy levels are all instant visible effects of proper nutrition.

    Improving your eating habits and having a balanced protein-fat-carbohydrates intake leads to overall body health, and implicitly a lasting, beautiful appearance. Because nutrition is the major source of healthy elements in your body, it is vital to include raw plant foods in your daily diet, but also make this your lifestyle for achieving lasting beauty.

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