• Oil Pulling With Coconut Oil


    If one is not so familiar about it, one could be dumbfounded of the fact knowing that oil can be used as a mouthwash…

    Sounds crazy and weird, right? But there is truth to it. Actually, this procedure is called oil pulling and this has already been used even in the earlier civilizations as a way to provide remedy especially during the Indian civilization.

    But really, what is oil pulling and how does it promote preventative dental care? This procedure involves the use of oil, probably a tablespoon of it, and you gargle with it and swish it all over your teeth for about twenty (20) minutes or so.

    How does it work?

    Whenever after you eat, the presence of bacteria is always prevalent and present in our mouth and gum line. Even in a typical between meal settings, you can’t help but experience an accumulation of bacteria in your mouth. Now, don’t get me wrong. Some are good bacteria and they can pretty much not wreck havoc for your health. But there are the more dangerous ones such as the Streptococcus Mutans. These bacteria are the main cause of gingivitis, plaque, and cavities.

    A biofilm is created when the bacteria will stay in your mouth. This thin layer is now the plaque. The function of oil is very simple. Once oil is being swished around the mouth, the bacteria get stuck to the oil and it will dissolve together with the oil the moment you gargle it out. Basically, if one makes a habit of doing it, imagine only the gamut of bacteria that will be removed out your mouth every time you do it.

    Benefits of oil pulling

    It is true that prevention is better than cure. And before things get out of hand, preventative dental care must be ensured in order not to experience the worst of teeth problems. Oil pulling may be quite a simple technique but the following benefits are quite amazing and pose quite a gigantic leap to general dental care.

    • It diminishes the presence of plaque and gingivitis. Gums may be inflamed when the body’s immune system fights off the bacteria in the plaque. But with the use of oil pulling, plaque and gingivitis will significantly be removed. For best results, the use of chlorhexidine together with the oil pulling procedure is highly advised as it is the most effective way to fight off plaque and gingivitis.
    • It can significantly reduce halitosis. Halitosis is simply bad breath in lay men’s terms. One has to know that halitosis is not always the result of having eaten bad food. It can also mean that the bacteria that has stayed in your mouth has produced certain chemicals and gases that cause the bad smell.

    There are indeed great and very satisfying results from oil pulling. It does reduce the presence of harmful bacteria in your mouth. Indeed, if you continue to make it a part of your daily dental hygiene, expect only the best conditions for your dental health.


    Becca is an avid dental health blogger. She’s currently working with Dentists R Us in Langley, BC to help educate the public about dental care and health.

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