• Oily Skin Care Advice: Five Tips and Tricks


    Oily Skin Care AdviceOily skin can be a frustrating skin type, and skin care products for oily skin require special attention. It’s not simply about finding skin care products that work for oily skin, it’s also about how and when you use those products. For many people with oily skin, finding an effective acne treatment  is also a huge skin care concern. Here are three pieces of advice for a skin care regimen that will help make sure that if you have oily skin you glow, not shine!


    1. Don’t Over Wash Oily Skin!
    Even if your skin is oily, you shouldn’t wash it more than twice a day. When you over-wash skin, oily or otherwise, you can cause irritation. You can also strip too many of the natural oils away and cause over-dryness (addressed below). If you feel as though your skin is too oily in the afternoons, use a blotting oil to remove surface oil. However, it’s best to only wash your face in the morning and at night.


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    2. Don’t Over Dry Oily Skin!
    It may seem as though what you ultimately want to do is dry your oily skin out. However, the fact is that if your skin begins to feel as though it is too dry, it will compensate by producing even more skin oils. This will then mean that you’ve made your oily skin problem even worse! Select gentle skin care products that will control oil and shine while not over-drying your skin.


    3. Be Careful With Your Makeup and Skin Care Product Selections
    You’ll want to select makeups made with matting ingredients such as rare earth clays and skin care products that reduce oil and shine without dehydrating your skin. Most importantly, though, seek out oil-free products whenever possible. You may need to do a bit of research, but the benefits to your skin will be worth it.


    4. Select the Best Acne Products You Can Find
    If you have oily skin and need skin care for oily skin, you may well have acne problems as well. Oily skin doesn’t cause acne, but the excess oil on your skin can clog pores which can then cause the bacteria that causes acne to flourish. We recommend Murad Acne Complex® to keep your skin clear while not creating excess oil on your skin.


    5. Oily Skin Care Starts on the Inside
    Finally, as with all skin care, beautiful skin starts from the inside out. In addition to your topical skin care products, keep yourself hydrated by eating and drinking enough water, keep a diet rich in antioxidants, get enough sleep, reduce your exposure to cultural stress and environmental pollutants and take your skin vitamins! A healthy body means healthy skin!


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