• Olive oil – skincare facts


    - This is one of the most precious ingredients in our daily diet and in skincare too.

    - A little part of the Mediterranean lifestyle – praised for being one of the healthiest foods in the world; the beneficial topical effects of olive oil have been acknowledged for centuries.

    - Rich in polyphenols (antioxidants), omega-9 fatty acids (good fats), vitamins A and E

    - Excellent help for skin irritation and inflammation, fungal infections, severe sun burns and after UV damage – it helps repair skin.

    - Great as a body moisturizer, especially for cracked, chronically dry skin, it helps heal a few skin diseases by nourishing and contributing to the regeneration of the skin. Apply it a few minutes before bathing or right after that, when skin is still damp.

    - Recommended in anti-aging treatments, makes skin firmer and look healthier. Use a regular non scented moisturizer and mix in a few drops of olive oil then apply on the skin. Great on its own as well!

    - Valuable in everyday care for most skin types, olive oil is generally non comedogenic and hypoallergenic. As a measure of precaution, avoid using if you have acne-prone skin.

    - Efficient makeup remover for those moments when you run out of your regular makeup removing lotion. It melts and removes makeup gently and softens the skin.

    - If you like using olive oil, it is a better option to use organic extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).

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