• Get Your Your Skin Care Routine Started Before the Holidays


    The upcoming holiday season means that it’s also party time for most of us. With all the special occasions happening, it’s time to break out the really nice makeup so we can look our very best with all of our great-looking clothes. Unfortunately, for those who have acne-prone skin, keeping up with your normal skin care treatment can cause some undue stress because of the fear of all those breakouts, which can dampen any party atmosphere. If you start early with effective skin care products and some responsible holiday choices, you can hang on to beautiful skin through the holidays and all year round! Make your holiday gift to yourself this year the chance to really get control of your acne and begin taking steps that will help to get rid of acne.


    Get Great Makeup to Reduce Acne Breakouts: Of course, great makeup will not only make you look good, it will also mean that you’ll reduce the appearance of acne blemishes, breakouts and post-acne marks and scars. Makeup shouldn’t just cover your acne breakouts, however, it should also be made with natural ingredients with limited chemicals in them so that it doesn’t cause future breakouts. It’s okay to splurge a little for the higher quality makeup, and as long as you do the proper research, your skin will thank you for it! If you’re looking specifically for a makeup that will ultimately improve your skin tone, the Murad Hybrids skin primers and eye treatments are a great selection, as are the Murad Tinted Acne Concealers.


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    Get Going on Your Acne Diet Plan: As always, keeping your skin hydrated from the inside out is the first step to great looking skin. Before the holidays start to catch up with you, make sure you’re drinking eight glasses of water each day and eating lots of foods with antioxidants so that you’re “eating your water” and getting plenty of nutrients in your skin to block free radicals and keep skin fresh. The holiday diet can be full of foods that are the opposite of an ideal acne diet, including sodas, sugars and junk food served in huge bowls at holiday get togethers. Start hydrating and eating fresh fruits and vegetables early on before the holidays start. That way, you’ll have more opportunity to deviate from your acne diet during the year-end festivities.


    Get Started on Your Complete Acne Treatment Plan: If you haven’t found the right kind of acne skin treatment yet, getting started before the holidays is a great idea! Just be very aware that starting any new kind of skin treatment plan means that your skin has to flush out all the bacteria, causing you to break out as your skin renews. You don’t want to start right before a party and show up with a breakout! Allow plenty of time to get into your routine and let your skin adjust and clear up. It’s not just your face that needs treatment, that also means your back acne as well! Those holiday party dresses are made to expose your back, so a back and body acne skin care treatment is vital so you’ll look good at any party. Murad’s exfoliating body wash will help unclog your pores. In the meantime, stick to loose-fitting clothing made of natural fabrics so your back has time to clear up.


    The holidays will sneak up on you fast, so make sure you’re getting into your holiday skin care treatment routines now so you’ll look great at every event!


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