• Anti Aging Skin Treatment Tip: Be Preventative


    Preventative Anti Aging Skin CareIt’s no secret that great skin can come from using the best kind of anti aging skin care products that combine pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and natural botanicals, making your skin look fresher, healthier, and younger. But great skin also comes from taking a preventative, proactive approach so that you’ll use fewer skin care products like wrinkle creams down the line. The earlier you start to think about keeping your skin looking young and make your anti aging skin care routine a habit, the faster it will become a change for life and the longer it will take for you to “look your age”! So what can you do to start making the habit lifelong? Here are three ways to start.


    Reduce Sun Exposure

    Every time you go outdoors, make sure you put on sunscreen, even if you’re going out for just a small amount of time. Remember, sun and UV rays can penetrate through windows, so make sure you’re covered, even if you’re going to be sitting near a window or in your car. And make sure you’re covering all the skin that’s exposed, including your hands, chest, neck, and face. Sun damage is irreversible, so make sure your exposure to UA/UVB rays is minimized – because we all know that sun exposure can speed up the aging process and expose you to possible medical problems later on. Not only can UV rays cause the premature breakdown of collagen so that you display fine lines and wrinkles earlier, but every time you step into the sunshine unprotected it means that later you’ll need to find a way to remove or fade age spots or sun spots. We all love to be outside on a sunny day, but make sure that when you’re doing anything that you protect yourself with sunblock or sunscreen.


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    Up Your Water Intake

    Not only will quality skin care treatment products help you look younger, paying attention to how much water you eat and drink in your diet plan is also very important. In fact, “eating” your water better hydrates your cells because vegetables and fruits both contain structured water that your cells can absorb much more easily. Does your skin care plan include a moisturizer that helps hydrate your skin’s surface? If not, make sure you start hydrating your skin from the inside out! Hydrated skin looks younger for longer, so keep drinking and eating your water! Fully hydrated, healthy skin looks firmer and wrinkle-free for a much longer time!


    Combat the Environment

    If you’ve noticed over the past few years (or decades), environmental patterns have shifted to be harsher than they’ve ever been, and it’s very noticeable whether you live in a rural area or in a smoggy city. Going outside means that your skin will be bombarded with all kinds of environmental pollution that can wreak havoc. Lifestyle changes that can minimize your exposure to environmental pollution, as well as cleansing your face on a regular basis both go a long way to helping keep the aging effects of pollution at bay. Products like Murad’s Environmental Shield line of products are specially formulated to protect and combat the harmful effects environmental pollution. The longer you fight off the damage that the environment does to your skin, the longer you’ll look lovely and young.


    All it takes is a proactive and preventative approach to your anti aging skin care treatment regimen to get your skin off to a great start so it’ll look younger and fresher later on in life. Not only will you cultivate great habits, your skin will thank you for it by looking young and beautiful for life!


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