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    pumpkin and skin careBefore carving your pumpkin for Halloween, think of what a great treat it would be for your skin! Nourishing, exfoliating, protecting, this season’s star -the pumpkin- is one of the best kept secrets of skincare.

    Pumpkin‘s virtue lies in vitamins A, C, antioxidants and Zinc among other great nutrients. Natural enzymes and Fatty Acids exfoliate and nourish to help you regain your natural glow. So why wouldn’t you give the pumpkin a chance in your beauty routine?
    What to do with it? Get it fresh or canned. And start preparing amazing beauty products , right at home.

    1. Make your own exfoliating scrub: mash two spoons of pumpkin with a teaspoon of fine milled coffee. It’s truly invigorating and unlike other scrubs it doesn’t dry out your skin. For an energizing body scrub, add sea salt to your mashed pumpkin to slough off dead skin cells, nourish, hydrate and improve circulation. You’ll see great results with consistent use.

    2. Prepare a nourishing and cleansing mask for problem skin: mix pureed pumpkin with one egg white and an AHA-loaded fruit like papaya or mango. AHA-s exfoliate and unclog the pores while pumpkin’s vitamins help repair the skin.

    3. Have an anti-aging treatment: to soften dry or aging skin, mix a spoon of mashed pumpkin with a spoonful of honey. Leave on for 15 minutes then wash with warm water. It is a revitalizing treat for both your face and neck.

    4. Tone your complexion: mashed pumpkin mixed with a bit of fresh apple juice invigorates and brightens the skin. All you need is a few minutes! Then rinse off and pat dry.
    5. Get beautiful skin from the inside out: pumpkin seeds are considered a ‘super-food’. Fatty acids, Zinc and minerals are essential for skin health so enjoy this tasty snack a few times a week… for your skin’s sake!

    6. Repair damage – pumpkin seed oil is rich in anti-oxidants, especially vitamin E. Used on your skin, it helps preserve elasticity, retain moisture, and increase skin’s resilience to environmental influences. Packed with quality nutrients, it is one of the most wanted skincare ingredients. Look for products that include this amazing oil.

    7. Fade dark spots – the beta-carotene in pumpkin is great for fading sun spots and treating sun-damaged skin. It stimulates the growth of new skin cells and improves the skin’s defense system. Your new, bright complexion is just days away!

    • This is a fun read. It’s always fun to use some of the most common products like pumpkins or paprika in an organic skincare diet. The results of soft, peachy skin are always worth it.

    • wow I will for sure be going out today and buying a pumpkin, thank you so much for info . cant wait to try them in my skincare routine . very interesting!

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