• Revolutionizing botanicals in skincare (I): Durian


    Innovation with Durian

    Here’s the definition of “super-fruit”: a tasty fruit with great nutrient and antioxidant qualities, which is exceptionally valuable in skin care products.
    Botanicals are the new imperative in skincare nowadays and draw more customers to the shelves especially if they have this “super-fruit” quality. You don’t know if they truly exist, but you like to believe in super-powers. The modern skincare research extends towards the exotic side of botanical ingredients – as not-so-common fruits are being utilized for their special, almost unbelievable mix of qualities.Durian and skin care products

    One of the breakthroughs in anti-aging skincare is Durian. The newest beauty super-fruit in modern formulas, Durian is a native of Asia and has been used for centuries in far-eastern medicine and diet. The name Durian comes from the Malay word duri which means “thorn” and is a visual reference to the Durian husk. Considered the “king of fruits” in South-Eastern Asia, it stands out with its big size, specific strong odor and unfriendly spiky looks.
    The Durian fruit contains significant amounts of Vitamin C, proteins and fats and is considered to be highly nourishing. Its benefits in skincare have been discovered quite recently – the first to incorporate Durian extracts in topical products was Dr. Howard Murad; research and tests reveal how this fruit has important anti-aging qualities both outside, on the skin surface and inside, at cellular level. Durian fruit is bursting with powerful antioxidants and is able to protect skin against environmental damage; it is of great help in supporting the healthy collagen production and can help repair even the most age-damaged tissues. It turns out you can definitely count on the super-powers of Durian when you need a younger and firmer complexion, in support of your skin’s overall health.

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