• Revolutionizing botanicals in skincare (III): Açai Berry

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    Not far from Goji, there’s another super-berry which has become quite significant for skin care nowadays, probably as a result of the intensive promotion it’s got lately as a supporter of good health. Açai is probably one of those wonder fruits at this moment although it has been enjoying a short life in the spotlight. There’s skincare potential, there’s weight loss power. And most of all, there’s the great benefit of overall health and building a strong immune system. A few attributes this fruit has been given are “a number one food”, “super food”, and “great health supporter” – this berry is indeed one of the best new discoveries in nutrition. 

    Açai berries grow in the Açai Palms of Southern America and are only able to maintain their nutritional content and antioxidant properties for a very short time after being picked, so most times they can be found in dried form or extracts and concentrates at the grocery stores.
    The reason this fruit is so appreciated lies in the rich content of nutrients: very high level of antioxidants, fatty acids, Vitamin C

    Açai berry was not very popular until recently, when a few products based on Açai have been promoted by the famous tv-host Oprah, during her show. Initially promoted to help with weight loss diets, Açai berries have been in demand ever since and their use in topical products followed naturally. These berries are great sources of vitamins and antioxidants, capable of improving skin health both topically and internally (as supplements or dried fruit). 

    Anti-aging products are the first skin care application for Açai extract – with its vitamin C content (~20% vitamin C), it helps repair environmentally aging skin and fight free radical damage. Body creams or daily moisturizers are well complimented by Açai extracts when specially formulated for dry, saggy, or dull skin. Açai extracts are usually present in small proportions in skin care products and include other compounds to work as a complex. The complementary sources of antioxidants are common ingredients: green tea, pomegranate, Goji berry extracts. Açai helps stop skin degeneration and premature aging, provides a boost of vitality, fades skin hyper-pigmentation and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles with the power of its super vitamins and fatty acids.


    At the moment, there are a few debates on the relevance of Açai extracts in skincare – it is believed its qualities are not better than any other antioxidants – but the benefits for health are undeniable: great energizer, a powerful cleanser for the entire body, full of nutrients and antioxidants that help you maintain a good health. 


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