• Sea salt – a great benefit for skin


    Salt (or sodium chloride) is one of the abundant elements in nature but little is known about its health benefits. Mostly, salt is associated with health disorders like high blood pressure, water retention, kidney problems or stomach cancer. However, some small quantities of sodium are beneficial for the body and essential for human life; sea salt in particular has great benefits for our health and is very beneficial in skincare as well!Do you have acne? Wounds that won’t heal? Skin inflammations? Count on salt!

    To help out with your skin issues, only use natural sea salt, which is extracted directly from the sea and when unprocessed, contains minerals and other good elements like iodine. Did you ever notice how skin irritations or acne heal faster when you’re on vacation and go for a swim in the sea? This is your answer. Sea salt can help fight bacteria that leads to acne or pore inflammation and helps balance oily skin. The best way to use salt in cosmetic care is by preparing your own sea salt water solution. Not only is this a great help, but it’s also an economical way of treating mild or occasional breakouts.

    The ideal salt water solution is prepared with natural sea salt. Use warm, distilled water and add one tablespoon of ground sea salt per one cup of water, stirring to dissolve it completely. Your solution shouldn’t he highly concentrated, the best help for skin is a mild saline solution. Pat over blemishes or irritated areas a few times a day, only on clean skin. If excessive dryness occurs, use moisturizer throughout the day and reduce the saline concentration.

    Another way of using this saline solution is by applying a washcloth soaked in salt water solution over your face, leaving it for a few minutes just like any other facial mask. For severe acne, leave the washcloth on for more than 5 minutes. Make sure you constantly use an oil free moisturizer because salt dries out the skin. For body applications, follow with lots of hydrating body lotion.



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