• Sensational Skincare Before Summer


    Congratulations – you made it to spring! With the weather getting better and better every single day, everyone is getting anxious for summer to start. One of the biggest things that changes in the summer is the weather. What happens when it gets hot? That’s right – people start showing more skin.

    Achieving sensational skin is something that everyone wants to achieve, but no one really knows how. There are so many products, treatments, and myths out in the world due to false advertising and marketing that it isn’t a surprise some people are skeptical of every single product that is labeled “skin treatment” or “skincare”.

    However, not all of the products and treatments are fake. In fact, there are a lot that actually work, and are extremely beneficial to your physical appearance, your health, and your confidence.

    What Are Some Skincare Tips?

    Massage… Don’t Just Dab

    One of the biggest things that people miss when moisturizing their face is that they don’t massage the moisturizer in, they just dab it on. The difference that actually taking the time to massage your skin can make is enormous. In fact, if you don’t think moisturizing your face works it would be very smart of you to really think about how you are applying that moisturizer. Do you just put it on and wash it off really quick? Do you take the time to put it on and really apply it evenly to the surface of your face?

    Wear Sunscreen

    First thing is first – don’t go to the tanning bed. Artificial tanning has been proven to actually decrease skin health and some have even reported skin cancer being associated with tanning beds. Secondly, any type of sun damage to your skin is unhealthy. One way that you can prevent this issue is to not go outside (but who wants that?) The second way that you can prevent damage to your skin from the sun is to wear sunscreen. At first, it might feel uncomfortable or unnatural, but after some time it will become second nature to you. The difference that wearing sunscreen can have on your skin is amazing. Most people recommend wearing SPF 15 on an average day, and higher on sunnier days.


    When you are working out you are doing more than just burning calories. Working out actually assists in delivering nutrients and oxygen to your skin. In turn, this helps makes your skin healthier! This can be great news to those of you who are already exercising regularly, but it can be bad news to those of you who don’t enjoy working out. Remember that you don’t have to necessarily go to the gym in order to get a good workout going. Simple things such as dancing, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, or washing your car can get your heart rate going and this can help your skin as well.

    Drink Tea

    As simple as this sounds, many people have reported that drinking tea (specifically green tea) regularly can improve your skin by adding hydration to your skin cells.

    Go Easy On The Makeup

    Perhaps one of the best things that you can do to improve your skin is to stop wearing so much makeup. The fact of the matter is that makeup can have short term benefits, but going natural has long term benefits. Makeup is designed in a way that blocks pores from breathing and adds chemicals to the surface of your skin.

    There are many products that you can buy to help keep your skin clean such as alyria, and ZO skin health. Regardless, make sure that your skin is healthy for the summer!

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