• Fly High With Healthy Skin: Skin Care Tips for Frequent Fliers


    Skin Care Travel TipsTravelling for work or play can bring about unexpected stresses: security checks, flight delays, planes full of people all trying to get somewhere. Just thinking about it can make you break out, right? But just because you’ll be on a plane, that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on your normal skin care products  or treatment routine. Make sure that you’re keeping your skin clear, healthy and beautiful – even when you’re up in the air! Here are some tips to stay with your skin care regimen while you’re on the road:


    Buy Travel-Sized Skin Care Products (or Containers)

    Keeping up with your normal skin care regimen seems like it would be tough on the road, but all it takes is buying travel-sized skin care products or even purchasing containers to put your skin care products in. If you’re sticking to you twice-a-day cleansing routine, you’ll easily be able to fit your skin care regimen into your travel schedule. If you buy containers under three ounces, your skin care products won’t be confiscated by security, so you’ll be able to keep with your skin care regimen, even if you’re stuck at the airport.


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    Eye Cream is Your Friend

    Because of the different schedule caused by travelling, you may not be waking up or going to bed at your usual times of day. In order to keep your eyes looking great and to keep you from looking tired, make sure to bring along a little eye cream to help hydrate the skin around the eyes and give your face a little pop. Keeping on top of your skin care regimen with eye cream will make all your pictures look great! As an added bonus, the drier air of airplanes can accentuate the crows’ feet and wrinkles around your eyes. A travel-sized eye cream can make you  look fresh again before you de-board.


    Keep to Your Skin Care Regimen

    It goes without saying, but if you want your skin to keep looking great while you’re travelling, don’t deviate from your skin care treatment regimen! Your schedule may feel different because you’re on the road, but staying diligent about your skin shouldn’t change. If you’re using acne treatment products in the morning and evening, travelling during the day shouldn’t make you deviate from your skin care treatment plan.


    Remember the Rest of Your Body!

    When you’re on the road, and sitting for long periods of time on planes or in airports, there’s probably a pretty good chance the stress will cause an unexpected breakout, just not on your face. Be prepared! Pack an appropriately-sized container of cleanser to treat trouble spots on your body or unwanted back acne, just in case of breakouts.


    Stay Hydrated

    Not only does the stress of travelling sap your energy, it can sap your hydration. To keep you from getting thirsty and to keep your skin looking good, make sure you’re getting enough water while you’re travelling to prevent that tired look. If you’re eating while you’re on the road, try and keep to eating fruits and vegetables if you can. The same goes for drinks – if you can skip on the soda and alcohol, go for water, instead. Keeping to a good diet as well as your usual skin care treatment regimen will make you look and feel better!

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