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    Skin Care Product Reviews & Skincare TestimonialsWhile estheticians, dermatologists and celebrities alike have all raved about the Murad skin care products, there’s no substitute for the words of actual customers to explain what’s so wonderful about the man skin care products from Murad. Here are four of Murad Canada’s most popular skin care products, reviewed (and unedited) by real life customers.


    Acne Complex Introductory Kit®: Top Selling Acne Treatment Product

    Fran, a woman from Jackson, Mississippi, USA who is between thirty-six and forty-five years old gave the following review of Murad’s Acne Complex Introductory Kit: “Best product I have used in my lifetime. The acne spot treatment has offered me best results and the quickest turn around. Anytime I get an outbreak, the acne treatment is applied immediately. By the next morning the acne has already subsided. Within 2 days my skin is back to normalcy, which includes the coloration also. I am very impressed with this product. I do not miss a day without using the full complex kit. Prior to Murad, I used another skin care product that cost the same in pricing, but produced different results. I keep getting dry blotchy patches of skin that had no explanation. Now that I use Murad I look so much younger at least that what others are saying. Everywhere I go, people are complimenting my face. The credit is given to Murad and its entire line of products that I have been telling everyone I come in contact with about. I hope Murad never gives me a reason to want to change”


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    Resurgence® Day & Night Regimen: Top Anti Aging and Anti Wrinkle Treatment

    Lake, a woman from Ozarks, Missouri, USA who is sixty-four years old gave the following review of Murad’s Resurgence kit, “I am 64 and I have tried many skin products to reduce fine lines around my mouth. I was beginning to think that I would never see any results until I tried this product. I now see results and my skin has tightened up. It is amazing to look in the mirror and see how much younger I look.. I see my husband looking at me. I know he sees the difference also. He told me I look so young. I really am sold on this line of skincare products. Never have I seen the results from any other product. I will try more of these products. It is such a good thing. I am excited to finally see a difference.”


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