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    Skin Care TipsCreating a skin care regimen isn’t just about what skin care products you choose to use. It’s also about how you use those products, when you use those products and even diet and lifestyle choices. Here are the top ten skin care tips from the Beautiful Skin Care Blog that you can begin incorporating today!


    1. Develop a Skin Care Regimen
    Don’t just keep switching skin care products! Develop a regimen that includes a cleanser, treatment and moisturizer system and then use those products daily and nightly as directed. If you just keep experimenting, you’ll never find the right system for you.


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    2. Stick to the Skin Care Program
    Skin care products take time to work. Give your regimen at least a month before you decide if you need to change your products or add new skin care product to the mix.


    3. Water, Water, Water
    Water is the most important skin care product you can have! Eat and drink your water daily so that skin stays hydrated and healthy.


    4. Anti Aging Skin Care: It’s Never Too Early
    No matter what your age, anti aging skin care products can help you look younger for longer. Use an anti wrinkle product every day to reduce existing wrinkles and fine lines and prevent new ones.


    5. Always Wash Off Your Makeup
    No matter how tired you are, ALWAYS remove your makeup at night, even if it’s just with a quick, pre-moistened wipe.


    6. Effective Acne Treatment is Skin Care, Too.
    Acne treatment products aren’t just to dry up your skin and blemishes. Select an acne treatment program that will address giving you healthy skin all over for the long term.


    7. Don’t Scrub!
    Always wash your face simply by splashing water onto it. Do not scrub your face. Scrubbing will irritate the skin and cause future skin problems.


    8. Always Use Eye Cream Treatments
    The sensitive area around your eyes does not produce its own oil and moisture like the rest of your face. Always use an eye cream to supplement moisture and avoid eye wrinkles.


    9. Sun Protection is Skin Care!
    The sun does more damage to your skin than any other factor. Protect your skin with a daily spf product to ensure beautiful, healthy skin.


    10. Exfoliation is Key!
    Every skin care regimen should include exfoliation to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface and reveal the newer, healthy, fresh skin beneath it for the ultimate glow.


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