• Skin elasticity and weight loss


    It’s not only aging and dryness that can have an effect on your skin‘s elasticity. Weight loss can affect skin suppleness as well – after a diet, you may find your skin lacks the tone and firmness you see in magazine pictures. When your body loses a great amount of weight in a short time, the skin remains stretched and, as a result, there is extra tissue that might look loose on your muscles. Flabby skin develops especially on the portions which used to have higher accumulations of fat.
    The crash weight loss diets are the ones that usually cause such problems, usually a diet like this leads to some muscle loss as well, not just body fat. The muscles supporting the skin decrease in volume and skin may appear saggy and wrinkled without the shaping support.

    A regular body skincare routine designed to sustain skin’s elasticity is a must if you want to avoid such unpleasant effects of dieting and weight loss. So here are a few tips to prevent loose skin:
    • Lose weight gradually, don’t get on crash diets – a balanced diet will support your skin health as well
    • Exercise regularly during and after your diet, to support your muscles and prevent muscle mass loss
    • Drink plenty of water: hydration is essential
    • Eat protein to support the muscles
    • Incorporate Omega3 fatty acids in your diet, as much as possible – these help maintain skin’s elasticity
    • Moisturize your skin with special hydrating creams: now you can opt for a body oil with vitamin A for cell turnover or E for repairing skin tissue
    • Take extra care of your face; this is where rapid weight loss can result into deep wrinkles.
    • Give yourself and your skin enough time to react to your improved regimen

    The older you get, the more your skin loses elasticity and therefore the capability to stretch or repair itself. Sudden weight changes can affect skin even more at this stage. Help your skin with collagen based creams, coupled with nourishing oils, vitamins and antioxidants. Learn more about special care for skin elasticity in our next article.

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