• Five Drinks That Can Ruin Your Skin


    Five Drinks That Ruin Your SkinRegular readers of the Beautiful Skin Care Blog know all about our skin care advice that helps you get better looking skin. One of the tips we talk about is that you should always stay hydrated inside and out. Not only does that mean “eating” your water with plenty of fruits and vegetables, but also making sure you drink plenty of water every day. No matter if you’re using acne treatment products or anti aging products, water is the best ingredient for healthy skin. What people tend to forget sometimes is that the word “beverage” gets mistaken for the word “water” when it comes to their skin care routine. When you need something to drink, there are a number of different beverages that will actually work against you if you’re trying to get healthy skin. So what beverage are the worst offenders? If you want great-looking skin, avoid these five drinks.


    1. Coffee: Coffee isn’t all bad for you, but make sure you’re drinking it in moderation. Some people are caffeine addicts, and if you’re one of them, make sure you are careful about your coffee intake. Too much caffeine can trigger your stress hormones like the adrenal gland, which produces androgens that can lead to hormonal acne. Just a little bit of caffeine is fine, but if you find yourself making numerous repeat trips to the coffee pot, you might want to slow down a little – your skin will thank you! Green tea is a fantastic alternative, because you’ll get your caffeine fix while loading up on antioxidants that are great for your skin.


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    2. Sport Drinks: We see athletes drinking sport drinks all of the time, thinking that it fuels their bodies to perform better while hydrating their bodies. In fact, sport drinks are one of the worst drinks to drink, and they aren’t even made to hydrate your body! Most sport drinks are loaded with sugar that can trigger your adrenal gland and produce hormonal acne, as well as sodium that will draw moisture away from your skin, making it dry. Dry skin means irritated skin, and can lead to breakouts and also leaving it susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles.


    3. Sugary Juices and Punches: Most fruit juices and punches on the market are full of refined sugars that can cause your insulin to shoot through the roof. Because of this, there is also a spike of androgens produced by your adrenal gland that trigger hormonal acne. If you find yourself itching for a fruit juice, make sure you drink natural juices, or even plain water with a little bit of fruit added – you’ll get much-needed natural hydration and antioxidants.


    4. Soda Pop: One of the worst offenders when it comes to beverages that damage your skin is soda pop. This is because it’s bad for you on two levels at once: the combination of caffeine and high amounts of sugar in soda pop can wreak havoc on your digestive system. It basically shuts down, meaning your body can’t absorb the vital nutrients it needs from the food you eat. Fruits and vegetables need to be digested, because they’re packed with antioxidants needed for healthy skin. Even more, a balanced pH level in your body is also essential to healthy skin, and the high acidity of soda pop can throw your pH balance off-kilter, which can affect your skin. Soda pop is just bad for your body and skin inside and out!


    5. Alcohol: While a moderate amount of certain kinds of alcohol like wine can be good for your body and skin, overconsumption can lead to horrible-looking skin (among other health problems). Alcoholic drinks can easily dehydrate you, leading to dry skin and accelerating the signs of aging. Avoiding alcoholic drinks that mix with soda pop or sugary juices can reduce the impact on your skin.


    While water is best for your skin and your body, that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing you can drink – but there are definitely beverages you should avoid during your skin care routine if you want healthy, glowing skin.


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