• How Does Smoking Ruin Your Skin?


    Smoking and Healthy SkinAre you living a healthy, active lifestyle? Maybe you’ve just started on a healthy diet packed with antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables and started to drink plenty of water as well as “eating your water” from Dr. Murad’s recommendation in The Water Secret. You’ve probably already supplemented your healthy diet with the best skin care products that contain a combination of scientifically formulated and natural ingredients. But all of that will be ruined if you’re a smoker. Not only is smoking a leading cause of lung cancer and other lung-related diseases, it will damage your skin in all kinds of ways.


    Cigarette Toxins can Ruin Your Skin

    Did you know that cigarettes contain over 4,000 toxins, and that many of those toxins are directly inhaled into the lungs when you smoke? Because these toxins are directly inhaled, they go right into your bloodstream and can affect the skin’s molecular structure. Over time, these toxins in your skin build up very quickly, and even the regular use of face masks and home facials won’t be able to quickly reverse the damage that smoking has done. Cigarettes build toxins much faster than any skin care product can detoxify your body, no matter how regular your skin care routine.


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    Cigarettes Make You Look Older Faster and Causes “Smoker’s Face”

    If you smoke, does your anti aging skin care regimen include quitting so you can have better looking skin? If not, you should! “Smoker’s Face” is a real term in the medical dictionary that was coined in 1985 by Dr. Douglas Model. A study that Dr. Model published in The British Medical Journal found that he could easily identify people who had smoked for 10 years or more just by their facial features. He found that long-term smokers looked much older than their actual age with these kinds of facial features:


    • Deep lines on the cheeks, or shallow lines on the cheeks and lower jaw.
    • Fine lines and wrinkles that form at right angles from the corners of the eyes and the upper and lower lips.
    • Skin that looks slightly gray and atrophic.
    • A gauntness of facial features that brings out bony contours under the skin, making the skin look worn and leathery.
    • A skin complexion that is purple, orange, and red

    Go Smoke Free and Get Healthy!

    The sooner you can quit smoking, the better! If you’re having trouble trying to quit, see your doctor about solutions to help you get smoke free. There are a lot of different tools to help you quit smoking and get healthier. Quitting smoking with the right kind of skin care regimen will not only make a difference with everyone you meet, your skin will thank you by looking awesome!


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