• Stress and skin health

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    There are many kinds of beauty as there are habitual ways of seeking happiness (Charles Baudelaire) stress & healthy skin

    Stress is the underlying cause of most of the serious illnesses nowadays. Diabetes, heart problems, cancer, all of them are blamed on stress as a primary factor; psychological problems eventually lead to immune system breakdown, and from here to serious problems there’s just one step. Stress can affect anyone, at any age, and it’s got its share of visible effects on people. Some of most visible problems are skin disorders.

    The stress before the wedding day, before the prom night, before a public appearance … this is what causes those unpleasant acne flare-ups at the moment they are least expected (or desired)!

    The effects of stress on our skin are continuously being researched and there is a major interest in finding ways to stop them. Frequently, acne is the specific skin disorder most linked to stress. Apart from this, premature aging, skin eruptions and flare-ups of other skin conditions are said to be highly influenced by stress levels.
    Physical and psychological signs of stress include: headaches, cramps, muscular pain, palpitations, skin eruptions, difficulty breathing, digestive/eating disorders, insomnia, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, depression, irrational behavior, anger. There should be no wonder about how our body needs to put up with such symptoms. The mechanism of stress is not complicated yet its effects are fast and complex: stressful situations cause adrenal (suprarenal) glands to increase the adrenaline secretion. This way, the adrenal gland tries to regulate the stress response through the synthesis of adrenaline and cortisone. This increases blood pressure, heartbeat rate and muscular contractions. Metabolism functions slow down, the immune system response is diminished and all cellular functions are perturbed.
    Skin, just like other parts of our body, reacts to these changes. The hormonal response of the body during stressful times can trigger excess oil production in the sebaceous glands and this causes sebum buildup in your pores and then, inevitably leading to acne breakouts.

    Dealing with “stressful” skin problems Topical treatments only address one side of your problem, which is the visible side (external). The second aspect and probably the most important one is healing the condition from the inside and trying to remediate the stress you are subjected to every day. This is not possible most of the times, as the cause of stress can hardly be eliminated. But the stress response of your body can be controlled.
    Seeking relaxation and enjoying those priceless moments of peace and quiet should become a daily routine for a few minutes. There is no cosmetic treatment better than happiness. When dealing with stress, follow at least a few of these rules: take your breaks, work out or have a walk every day, spend some time outdoors, get enough sleep, eat healthy meals, try some planning ahead and avoid unexpected situations.
    On the exterior side (topically), skin can be helped with nourishing ingredients and basic everyday care. Your routine should include ingredients that clean, exfoliate, reduce inflammation and hydrate. From the inside out, the vital element is water. Without proper hydration, skin is not able to repair or regenerate and the cell turnover is slow. Cellular water (the water we manage to retain at cellular level) is the essence of a healthy body and a healthy skin.
    Avoiding high levels of stress will help you achieve healthy skin and avoid premature aging signs, but most of all, keep you away from many other problems. Overall wellness shows its signs on your skin and leads the way to true beauty.

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