• Stress-free Zone: How to Love Your Skin


    The look of your skin can often impact self-esteem and quality of life and it can be down-right stressful for some. In our beauty age, women resort to makeup – this amazing cover-up that can temporarily create the impression of perfect skin. But what is underneath remains important as it needs constant attention and care. Having healthy skin, even if it’s not “perfect”, is crucial for overall well-being and body health.


    Surely, having a skincare regimen and moisturizing is essential. But how you treat your skin from the inside is even more important. Nutrition, sleep and overall well-being are fundamental for healthy skin.


    Enter stress. It is probably the most underestimated source for many health problems, and implicitly, the quality of your skin.  Stress damages your skin from the inside. With the release of stress hormones in your blood, significant changes in body’s organs and therefore on your skin can occur. Immediate signs are increased sebum production, inflammation and weakening of your immune functions.In time, high levels of stress hormones in your body lead to chronic inflammation, decrease of muscle mass, thinning of the skin and wrinkles. And since we mention wrinkles, make sure you keep that frown in check! Frowning every day will quickly deepen those frown lines on your forehead and accelerate the unsightly crow’s feet around your eyes.


    How can you combat stress? Stay active, have a balanced diet rich in various nutrients: iron, magnesium, B vitamins, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants are known to combat stress. But most of all, make time to relax every day by doing something you love, whether it’s a sport or reading a book. Remember to love your skin: it may not look flawless but with consistent care and attention it will become the best skin you’ve ever had.


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