• Can Sulfur Treat Acne?


    Treat Acne with SulfurWhen you’re looking at labels for your acne treatment plan, what kind of ingredients are you seeing? Usually, products used to effectively treat acne contain benzoyl peroxide, an ingredient proven to help get rid of acne but which also can significantly dry skin out. Other kinds of acne treatment products use sulfur to target breakouts to help clear your skin. Is one of these better than the other as an acne treatment? You’d be surprised! Here at Murad Canada, our skin care experts believe in the power of sulfur as an effective ingredient in any acne treatment plan. Products like Murad Acne Spot Treatment target acne where it starts. Why is sulfur more effective?


    A History of Treating Acne with Sulfur

    Some of the earliest known uses of utilizing sulfur as a skin care treatment come from the Romans. They were known to soak in natural sulfur hot springs to treat all different kinds of skin issues and disorders, including acne. A slew of historical references highlight sulfur as a skin treatment inChina,Greece,Egypt, and evenSouth America. In fact, the use of sulfur dates back at least 500 years, so it’s been an effective acne treatment for a very long time!


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    How does Sulfur Work in Treating Acne?

    You may already know that dead skin cells can clog pores, which can lead to acne breakouts. Sulfur is great at clearing clogged pores, because it contains keratolytic properties that promote the exfoliation and clearing of those pore-clogging dead skin cells. Sulfur also contains comedolytic drying properties that dries out skin infected with acne-causing bacteria and causes it to fall off. What makes sulfur an effective acne treatment for breakouts is that not only does it clear out dead skin cells and helps minimize oily skin, it also combats future clogged pores, helping your skin look clearer for a longer period of time.


    Why Is Sulfur Better than Benzoyl Peroxide as an Acne Treatment?

    One of the best benefits of using sulfur over benzoyl peroxide for acne spot treatments is that benzoyl peroxide tends to over-dry the skin, while sulfur doesn’t. An effective acne treatment, even for acne spot treatments, should dry the skin just enough to treat acne. Over-drying the skin can cause the dead skin cells to clog pores and cause even more breakouts. Another effect of over-drying the skin is that your skin will make up for the dryness by producing more oil that can lead to, of course, more breakouts. Even worse, over-drying the skin with targeted amounts of benzoyl peroxide can actually cause scars to form on the skin, and you’ll eventually need to find an acne scar treatment to remedy that. Sulfur has the added benefit of working over the long term as well as short term treatment, helping your skin improve even after you’ve treated it!


    Sulfur has been used for a long time to treat all kinds of skin disorders, including acne. When you’re using a spot acne treatment, sulfur not only treats skin by clearing away dead cells, it keeps your skin looking clear and fresh in the long term.


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