• Summer Skin Care: Murad Canada’s Top Ten List


    Summer Skin Care Products from Murad CanadaAh, summer! The sun is out, the margaritas are flowing and we all get to enjoy shorts and bathing suits for a while. Even if you’re working all summer, it still feels like vacation. However, that doesn’t mean that your skin care routine should have to suffer or take a vacation! In fact, skin care in the summer can be even more challenging because schedules are busier, travel takes priority and we’re all spending more time in the damaging sun. Here are the top ten tips from Murad-Canada on how to take care of your skin and the best skin care products for summer!

    1. Always Use Sun Block!

    This is the big obvious one! Nothing is more damaging to the skin than the effects of the sun. We know you will spend a lot of time in the sun this summer – make sure that you are protected with sun block and sunscreen when you do!


    2. Moisturizing is Still Important!

    It may not be the harsh, dry air of winter, but you’ll be exposed to just as many things that dry your skin – including, of course, the sun. Be sure to moisturize regularly to keep skin healthy and hydrated.


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    3. Acne Doesn’t Go Away – Use Acne Treatment Products!

    Just because the sun is drying out your skin and your tan is covering up your acne marks, it doesn’t mean that you’re not breaking out. Continue to use your acne treatment products as if it were the middle of winter.


    4. Anti Aging Skin Care Starts with the Sun!

    The sun ages your skin. From causing early wrinkles to creating sun and age spots, the number one culprit of older looking skin is the sun. Minimize exposure, use sun block, and indulge in an anti aging skin product as well.


    5. Drink Lots of Water!

    Don’t just moisturize your skin, stay hydrated from the inside out as well. Drink eight glasses of water per day and, more importantly, eat your water in the form of fruits and vegetables to stay hydrated longer.


    6. Two Words: Environmental Shield

    Murad-Canada’s Environmental Shield skin care products are designed to protect against environmental issues like pollution and sun by giving a boost of antioxidants to fight against them. Because you’re spending more time outside in the summer, they’re perfect skin care products.


    7. Travel-Sized Skin Care Products are Your Friend

    People are always on-the-go in the summer, whether on vacation travel or otherwise. Transfer your larger-sized skin care products into travel-sized containers so that you always have them with you wherever the carefree summer days may take you.


    8. Summer Means Cellulite Treatment

    Shorts, short skirts and bathing suits mean that you want firm skin on your upper thighs and back area. Treat cellulite effectively for an overall sexy summer appearance.


    9. Eat Fresh Produce!

    Dr. Murad believes that beautiful skin comes from the inside-out. So take advantage of the fresh produce of summer to eat healthily and fresh. It will show on your skin!


    10. Relax! It’s Summer!

    Stress also has an impact on your skin. So relax, it’s summer!


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