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    Travel Tips for Anti Aging Skin CareSummer is the best time to go travelling. But just because you’re going on vacation, it doesn’t mean that the signs of aging go on vacation, too. Having an anti aging skin care treatment regimen means taking care of your skin regardless of whether you’re at home or on the road. You can still go on your vacation, and you can still be able to practice your anti aging skin care routine at the same time. Want to keep your skin beautiful while you’re traveling this summer? Here are three easy tips to keeping your skin looking youthful while you’re vacationing.


    Pack Travel-Sized Anti Aging Skin Care Products

    You still want your skin to look great when you’re getting away from the daily grind, so it’s important to stick with your normal anti-aging skin care treatment regimen when you’re on vacation. When you’re on the road, make sure that you pack travel-sized forms of your anti aging skin care products. Either purchase already-available smaller versions or even just transfer your existing skin care products to smaller containers. Stay consistent with your routine by using the travel-sized versions with the same skin care products.


    Try to Reduce Sun Damage

    Damage from the UV radiation from the sun is the biggest cause of the signs of aging, and when you’re on vacation during the summer, you’re more apt to want to get a little more sun. But no matter what your plans are – whether you’re going hiking, eating your meals on a patio or terrace, or even just relaxing all day at the beach – make sure you’re regularly applying plenty of sun block and protecting your skin from further damage from the sun.

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    Eye Cream is Still Important

    Even if your anti aging skin care routine is thrown off by going to bed at odd hours or even when you’re feeling rushed, don’t skip on your eye cream. The skin around your eyes is more susceptible to forming fine lines and wrinkles due to the fact that it doesn’t produce its own oil, and compounding dehydration from traveling on top of that is bad for your skin, so it’s critical that you use eye cream every day. You don’t want to look tired in all your vacation photos because of bags or dark circles under your eyes!

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    Bonus Vacation Skin Care Tip: Stay Hydrated!

    Vacation time also means you’re more likely not to eat as well when you’re not at home, so you’re probably going to eat less fruits and vegetables. It’s easy to indulge in the foods and drinks you don’t normally eat and drink, but make sure you stay vigilant about keeping yourself hydrated – your skin will thank you for it.


    Summer time is vacation time, which means a break from the normal routine. But that doesn’t have to mean it’s a break from your anti aging skin care regimen. Making sure you plan ahead and stick with your skin care routine means you’ll come home with photos of your beautiful, youthful-looking skin!


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