• Skin Care Advice for Summer Travel


    Skin Care During Summer TravelChances are, if you’re reading this article, you’re probably starting to make your summer vacation plans, if you haven’t made them already! Even if you’re on a budget, you probably have some plans for a little traveling this summer. But even if you’re taking a break from your daily grind, that doesn’t mean you should take a break from your skin care treatment regimen. In fact, it’s easy to stick to your skin care routine and still do some good things for your skin. These are three simple tips to keep your skin looking healthy while you’re relaxing on your vacation.


    Don’t Forget the Sun Block!

    We’re always telling you to use sun block in your skin care routine, but when you’re on vacation, you might be tempted to want to get some sun – after all it’s the hot summer! But if you’re going to be spending some time outdoors, whether you’re going to be laying out at the beach or by the pool, going on a hike, or another other activity in the sun. Always take the time to apply sun block to any skin that will be exposed to the sun. Make sure your skin won’t be suffering any more sun damage.


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    Make a Habit of Carrying Fruit and a Water Bottle

    Going on vacation will definitely tempt you out of your normal healthy routines. Because your vacation schedule isn’t like your usual schedule, you’ll be likely not to eat or drink as much water as you would at home, missing out on your typical antioxidant intake. When you’re out and about on vacation, don’t forget to take a bottle (preferably a reusable one) full of water and carry some fruit with you. You’ll be taking care of your skin as well as come back a little lighter!


    Traveling Means Travel-Sized Skin Care Products

    Not matter if you use anti-aging skin care products or acne treatment products, it’s still important to keep up with your skin care regimen while you’re on vacation. Make sure you pack travel sizes of your regularly-used skin care products – either in travel-sized packages or even transferring your usual skin care products to travel-sized containers. Just because you’re on vacation, that doesn’t have to mean that you should switch to skin products that won’t be very useful to your skin. Use the skin care products that work for you in travel-sized packages.


    Going on vacation shouldn’t mean you take a vacation from taking care of your skin! Make sure you take your skin care regimen with you, pack plenty of sun block, and don’t forget that your diet is still important, even when you’re relaxing. Have fun this summer while making sure your skin looks great!

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