• Sun Safety and UV protection



    It is important to avoid burning your skin in order to fully benefit from the solar radiation. The basic rules are easy to follow but the most important thing is understanding that UV benefits happen only in moderation.

    - Avoid sunlight at noon and use sunscreen when going outside. Use higher protection factors (>30) if you have fair skin. People with darker skin are usually naturally protected by the higher melanin level and can use lower SPF.
    - Avoid sudden or long exposure to sunlight. Melanocites, the melanine production cells (responsible for the tanned color of your skin) need time adjusting to the sun light so UV exposure should be minimal in the first days of summer
    - Applying sun protection lotion: rub a generous quantity of lotion all over your skin and repeat after a few hours, depending on the lotion’s SPF value. The solar filter must form a continuous protective pellicle on your skin so make sure you apply a thick layer.
    - Don’t spend time in the sun for too long and check the UV Index information (websites, Tv, Weather channels)
    - Avoid artificial tanning – tanning beds can damage your skin even more and double the risk of skin cancer. Some tanning beds might have a massive dose of radiation which can quickly damage your skin. Use self tanning lotions instead, they are harmless.
    - Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and suitable clothing to protect you from the direct exposure to sun light. Never forget about hats, they might protect you even more than you think on a sunny day.
    - Do not exceed the recommended time for sun exposure. People with fair skin should spend less time in the sun while darker tones can benefit of the UVs for a longer time; the amount of time in the sun depends on the SPF number of your lotion so re-apply lotion accordingly.

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