• Makeup for acne-prone skin

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    Many people dealing with acne and blemishes avoid makeup because of the myth that it causes acne. The truth is only ‘bad’ makeup causes acne flare-ups. With light, improved formulas, acne shouldn’t be a concern. Besides, you can still continue applying treatment under makeup, or even better, use acne medicated makeup formulas.
    Here are a few tips to help you choose the most suitable makeup if you have acne prone complexion: 
    Foundation: Chose non-comedogenic, oil-free foundations. Be careful though -If they’re just oil-free, it doesn’t mean they are non-comedogenic at the same time. Comedogenic ingredients are diverse – some binders and emulsifiers can make a formula comedogenic. If you have oily skin, chose a suitable foundation “for oily skin” that will control the excess sebum production and help you achieve a matte finish. Stay away from very thick formulas that promise full coverage. First of all it would look very unnatural and secondly it might be a burden for your blemished skin. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Acne Myths – A Problem and Not a Solution for Acne


    Obeying a few of the acne prevention “rules” is essential in skin care but believing all acne myths out there can actually turn this condition into a bigger problem. By definition, myths are beliefs have the unfortunate attribute of having a wide reach, and the popularity of a belief is often more convincing than the reliability of it.  Don’t base your actions on myths and stories when it comes to treating your skin – some mistakes can’t be undone! Take time to review all these acne myths and find real solutions for your skin disorders:


    1) Eating chocolate, French fries or pizza will cause breakouts.

    FALSE. Sugar and carbohydrates don’t directly lead to acne. Some research does show that sugar triggers inflammation inside your body. Certain forms of natural sugars like coconut sugar and honey don’t cause the dreaded sugar spikes in your blood thus keeping the hormones in check and the inflammation at a minimum. Generally, blemishes occur from swollen skin around the hair follicle that reacts to dirt, oil and bacteria trapped inside.  Read the rest of this entry »

  • How to Achieve Shine-free Skin


    Oily skin is believed to affect lots of people at least at some point in their lives. Excess oiliness is not only an unaesthetic issue, but it can also lead to various complications like clogged pores, whiteheads, blackheads and acne breakouts.  The condition is mostly common at a young age but it can persist long into the 50s and over.


    Even if you have oily complexion, it is important to moisturize skin every day in order to prevent excess oil production and balance it out naturally. When skin is stripped of its natural oils, it tries to overcompensate by producing even more oils to protect skin and maintain its optimal hydration levels. Using a moisturizer is a great , simple way of preventing this from happening.  Certain natural oils can help with this condition as well, although it may sound like a terrible idea to use an oil on oily skin – but n practice, offering your skin plenty of nourishing oils will trick it into producing less. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Botanical Ingredients for Beautiful Skin


    The beautifying qualities of plants in skincare have been recognized since the ancient times. Plants like mint, olives, aloe, rosemary, chamomile, are still widely used in body products, moisturizers and treatments. Nowadays, modern technology and advanced science step up the research on the benefits of plants. Incorporated into modern skincare formulas, these herbal wonders help alleviate various cosmetic concerns and contribute to the well being of your skin with their active compounds which can hardly be replicated synthetically.


    Beyond trends and publicity, there are true qualities of botanicals that have been proven to work. Here are some of the hero-ingredients that have gained massive popularity in the past decade: Read the rest of this entry »

  • How to Clear Back Acne for Summer Fashions


    Summertime is here! That means a lot of good times out at parties and barbeques requiring your best summer fashions. That also means you’re more likely to wear clothes that will expose your back and other parts of your body, and if you suffer from back or body acne, you might be a little worried about how to treat and clear it. Like any skin care issue, it’s never too late to start using a back acne treatment to address your back or body acne – because any kind of acne treatment should also treat your whole body and your back as well. So how do you clear your back acne so you can look confident in your summer fashions?


    Use A Skin Cleanser that is Medicated and can Exfoliate

    One of the best ways to control your skin care routine is to make sure you use an acne cleanser that is formulated for your back, like Murad Canada Acne Body Wash. Specially formulated to remove body and back acne,  Murad Canada Acne Body Wash removes dead skin cells that clog pores and cause breakouts. The sooner you start to include Murad Canada Acne Body Wash into your daily regimen, the faster you’ll have a clear back for those summer outfits!


    Acne Body WashCustomer Review: Murad Canada Acne Body Wash

    “I purchased this product along with the Clarifying Body Spray and am very impressed with the results I have seen so far. I work out regularly and perspiration and sports bras have irritated my skin. I haven’t felt good wearing tank tops or shirts with low backs because I have been embarrassed about my acne. With the results I’ve seen I will be ready for summer early!” Read the rest of this entry »

  • Touching Your Face: A Key Way to Worsen Your Acne Breakouts


    If you try to find a study on how often the average person touches his or her face during the average day, you’ll find that most answers estimate that most people touch their face between two thousand and three thousand times per day. If you saw the movie Contagion, then you might remember Kate Winslett’s character, Dr. Erin Mears. Dr. Mears states this often accepted number about how often people touch their face when describing how quickly a disease can spread. This brings up two questions: Do people really touch their face that often? If you do touch your face that often, how is that impacting your acne treatment regimen?

    How Often Do People Really Touch Their Face?
    Two thousand to three thousand times per day is a generally accepted estimate of how often a person touches his or her face. However, it’s almost impossible to find a study that can absolutely confirm that number. There is one study, conducted in Japan, which studied whether infants who had undergone lip surgery needed hand restraints in order to prevent them from touching their face. The study uncovered that eight infants that were studied touched their face between two and one-hundred-and-thirty-six times per day. That’s certainly not two thousand or more!

    However, when you think about all of the times during the day that you touch your face, it’s not impossible to think that the number is incredibly high. Every time that you wipe food or drink from your face, move your hair out of your face, rest your face on your arm or hand, wipe your eye or even scratch your skin, you touch your face. If you simply think about that for a second, you’ll realize that you touch your face an enormous amount of times during the day. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Is a Sauna Good for Acne-Prone Skin?


    Whether it’s at a gym or a spa, a sauna can be a relaxing way to de-stress and enjoy some personal time. But is a heated sauna good or bad for acne prone skin? The truth is that, like everything else, your acne treatment regimen can be both helped by and hurt from spending time in a sauna. Here are the pros and cons of saunas and skin that’s prone to blemishes and breakouts.

    Open Pores, Sweat and Detoxify
    The question of whether sweating and detoxification are good for your skin (and particularly for acne prone skin) has been debated with both pros and cons by skin care experts for a long time. On the one hand, the heat from the sauna opens your pores and the sodium and potassium in sweat work as an exfoliating agent on your skin. However, when sweat is left unattended on your skin for too long, it can cause irritations and even skin breakouts. If you enjoy a sauna, then one way to ensure that you’re getting the benefits of sweating without potentially causing acne breakouts or skin irritations is to be sure to follow up your time in the sauna with a gentle acne cleanser. A gentle acne cleanser can deliver key acne medications and remove excess salt and oil from the skin without drying the skin, which you’re about to see is the drawback of the sauna.

    Clarifying Cleanser (6.75 oz.) Clarifying Cleanser

    This gentle, anti-acne cleanser thoroughly cleanses the skin and pores for a clear finish. Salicylic acid and triclosan kill acne-causing bacteria in order to heal and prevent blemishes. Chamomile, menthol and other botanicals cool and calm the skin while providing antiseptic benefits. Proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria in less than one minute, Clarifying Cleanser is the perfect choice for those suffering from acne.

    Dehydration and Dry Skin
    As with any dry heat, a sauna will dry out your skin. Any time you dry out your skin, whether it be to heal blemishes or just as the outcome of an activity like a trip to a dry climate or time in the sauna, you do damage to your skin. Dry skin can cause skin irritations, dry patches and even acne blemishes from the irritated spots. Whenever you spend time in a sauna, be sure to use a facial moisturizer afterwards. If your skin is acne-prone, be sure that this is an oil-free moisturizer. Also, if you know that you’ll be spending time in a sauna, pack a piece of fresh fruit so that you can eat your water and rehydrate internally when you leave the sauna.

    Skin Perfecting Lotion - Acne (1.7 oz.) Skin Perfecting Lotion – Acne

    Skin Perfecting Lotion – Acne is designed to provide comforting moisture to oily and acneic skin without causing shine or breakouts. Lightweight and extremely soothing, Skin Perfecting Lotion – Acne uses retinol and arnica to prevent clogged pores and reduce redness while honey extract tones the complexion and algae and talc control oil and shine. Perfect for daily use, Skin Perfecting Lotion – Acne leaves the complexion comforted, moisturized and and clear with a subtle matte finish.

    Relaxation and Decreased Stress
    Of course, the real benefit of a sauna is that it relaxes you, and Cultural Stress™ is a powerful contributor to skin health as well as a potential trigger for acne breakouts. Any activity that helps you to reduce stress in your life is a good activity! If, for you, that means time in a sauna, then you should go and enjoy the sauna. Relax, and the benefits of that relaxation will show on your skin.

    Remember to never spend more than twenty-minutes at a time in a sauna and follow all medical advice about whether a sauna is safe for your or not.

  • Three Causes of Acne Breakouts

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    If you have acne-prone skin, no matter what acne treatment products you’re using, you’ll need to understand what causes your acne. While the process by which blemishes form is the same no matter what the cause of the blemish, different causes of acne can result in different treatment advice. Most likely, your acne breakouts are caused by one of the following three possibilities. Your treatment regimen, then, should include elements to address that specific cause.

    Hormonal Acne: Treat Breakouts from the Inside Out
    The majority of acne breakouts are caused by hormones and are known as hormonal acne. While this is most frequent during the teenage years or while a person is going through puberty, hormonal acne can happen at any age and is also a leading cause of adult acne. An overproduction of hormones from the adrenal gland results in an overproduction of skin cells. Those excess skin cells then clog hair follicles and cause the build up of acne-causing bacteria. What’s the result? Blemishes and breakouts.

    Treatment Advice for Hormonal Acne: If you have hormonal acne, your body will continue to overproduce hormones until it naturally levels out with time. You’ll want to treat your acne by addressing both the overproduction of skin cells that leads to clogged pores as well as by fighting the acne-causing bacteria. Look for products with Salicylic Acid, such as Murad Canada Acne Complex®. Salicylic Acid exfoliates away the dead skin cells on the inside of the hair follicle while also killing acne-causing bacteria.

    Acne Complex Kit (4 kit) Acne Complex Kit (4 kit)The Acne Complex Kit features four formulas to cleanse, exfoliate, treat and moisturize oily and acne-prone skin. The Acne Complex Kit includes: Clarifying Cleanser (4.5 fl. oz.) – kills acne-causing bacteria while deeply cleansing away excess oil, debris and other impurities. Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel (2.0 fl. oz.) – powerful exfoliators and anti-inflammatory botanicals prevent and heal acneic breakouts. Skin Perfecting Lotion – Acne (1.7 fl. oz.) – this lightweight lotion is designed to provide plumping moisture without causing oiliness or breakouts. Acne Spot Treatment (0.5 fl. oz.) – botanicals, vitamins and sulfur work together to quickly and effectively heal acne blemishes.

    Acne Cosmetica: Blemishes Caused by Skin Care or Makeup Ingredients
    Occasionally, sensitive skin can also break out frequently due to a reaction to the ingredients in skin care or makeup products. This is particularly true if the products contain harsh chemicals or high oil concentrations. This type of acne is referred to as Acne Cosmetica. If you’re experiencing breakouts and think that they may be caused by the products that you’re using on your skin, try going “product free” for several weeks and seeing if your complexion improves.

    Treatment Advice for Acne Cosmetica: You’ll need to approach treating Acne Cosmetica in two steps. First, you’ll want to clear existing breakouts by going “product free” and using only a gentle skin cleanser and gentle acne treatment products. After you’ve achieved a clear complexion, then you can transition back into using skin care products and makeup. Look for natural, oil-free products and test them on a small portion of skin before you use them on your entire face or body.

    Skin Perfecting Primer (1 fl oz.) Skin Perfecting PrimerDisguise imperfections and minimize your pores with Murad Skin Perfecting Primer. This revolutionary oil-free formula creates a perfect canvas for your complexion. Light reflecting minerals, Pore Factor-5 and adaptive shade technology allows you to achieve flawless skin, no matter what skin type or shade you have. Dries to a dewy, refined finish.

    Ingrown Hairs from Shaving: A Primary Cause of Acne for Men
    For men, the impact of daily shaving can be acne breakouts. Ingrown hairs and irritated patches of skin can result in blocked pores. Blocked pores, of course, result in blemishes and breakouts after acne-causing bacteria build up in them.

    Treatment Advice for Acne Caused by Shaving: We aren’t suggesting that you grow a full beard! However, being responsible about taking your time while shaving, using a skin-enhancing shaving gel and using a soothing gel after shaving can reduce the number of ingrown hairs and blemishes that result from daily (or even weekly) shaving. Murad Man is the Murad line of skin care products for men. By combining Murad Man with a slow, careful shave and the right acne treatment products, your clean-shaven face can also be acne-free.

    Of course, diet, sleep, stress and even how often you touch your face can also contribute to acne breakouts. However, no matter what causes your breakouts, clear skin can be yours with the right acne treatment regimen.

  • Three Things That You May Not Know About Acne


    There are lots of myths and facts about acne breakouts and acne treatment products on the internet. At Murad Canada, we’ve tried to provide all of the information that you could possibly need in order to educate yourself about the causes of acne, medications, treatments and products. However, there are some basic misconceptions about acne that can be cleared up quickly. Here are three common acne myths to remember when making an attack plan to get clear skin.

    Acne Myth Number One: Oily Skin Causes Acne
    While it is true that excessively oily skin can clog pores, which will lead to acne breakouts, most acne is not caused by oily skin. The true cause of most blemishes is an overproduction of skin cells within a hair follicle. When too many skin cells are produced within the follicle, the pore is clogged. When a pore becomes clogged, a build-up of acne-causing bacteria results in inflamed acne (or visible blemishes above the skin). Most often, the overproduction of skin cells is the result of an overproduction of hormones (otherwise known as Hormonal Acne). Why is this important to know? Since acne is not caused by oily skin, drying out your skin will not result in clear, healthy skin.

    Acne Myth Number Two: Drying Out Your Skin Will Clear Blemishes
    Once an inflamed acne blemish occurs, it’s true that the best course of action is to dry the blemish so that it will flake away. However, drying your skin and stripping it of oil consistently will not result in reduced acne. In fact, it may make your skin irritated and prone to further breakouts. Benzoyl Peroxide, a highly common acne-fighting ingredient, is the prime culprit of over-drying your skin. Do you use a Benzoyl Peroxide product and notice that your pillowcases are regularly bleached? Think about how powerful that medication must be. All of that drying of your skin will have long term effects. If you really want to get clear skin, you need to address the overproduction of skin cells as well as combat acne-causing bacteria. Murad Canada recommends products that use Salicylic Acid, which exfoliates dead skin cells beneath the surface and also fights acne bacteria.

    Skin Perfecting Lotion - Acne (1.7 oz.) Skin Perfecting Lotion – Acne

    Skin Perfecting Lotion – Acne is designed to provide comforting moisture to oily and acneic skin without causing shine or breakouts. Lightweight and extremely soothing, Skin Perfecting Lotion – Acne uses retinol and arnica to prevent clogged pores and reduce redness while honey extract tones the complexion and algae and talc control oil and shine. Perfect for daily use, Skin Perfecting Lotion – Acne leaves the complexion comforted, moisturized and and clear with a subtle matte finish.

    Acne Myth Number Three: You Can’t Heal Acne Scars
    Why is this statement a myth? Because most people don’t understand the difference between acne scars and post acne marks. An acne scar is typically the result of picking at or popping blemishes and actually changes the texture of your skin. While you can find an effective acne scar treatment, you’ll need to consult a dermatologist to do so. However, what most individuals actually experience are post-acne marks. Post-acne marks are areas of hyper-pigmentation left behind after a blemish heals that do not change the texture of the skin. Post-acne marks can be faded away easily using Murad Post-Acne Spot Lightening Gel. This best-selling product from Murad Canada uses Hydroquinone, the strongest skin lightening agent available without a prescription, to fade away post-acne marks.

    Post Acne Spot Lightening Gel (1 oz.) Post Acne Spot Lightening Gel

    This exfoliating gel helps to even the complexion with hydroquinone and alpha hydroxy acids. Post-blemish pigmentation, freckles and sun spots are lightened and brightened, restoring clarity to the entire complexion. Licorice and allantoin soothe irritation and inflammation for a calm finish. The skin tone becomes uniform and healthy, featuring a youthful clarity and radiance.

  • Five Steps to the Most Effective Acne Treatment


    Five Steps to Effective Acne TreatmentAny time of year, it’s always a good time to take a look at your skin and see if your acne treatment regimen is really working. Maybe you’re still looking for the right acne products because you’re looking for perfect skin. But the most effective acne treatment regimen is more than that – it’s about making responsible lifestyle choices that help keep your skin clear and healthy. Here are five of those lifestyle choices you can make to keep your skin healthy.


    1 – “Eating” Your Water: One of the easiest lifestyle choices you can make is making sure you stay hydrated. Hydrated skin doesn’t over-produce oil that can cause breakouts. Along with drinking water, eating fruits and vegetables that are antioxidant-rich and that contain cellular water will help keep your skin looking great all year round.


    2 – Finding the Right Acne Treatment: Of course, the aisles are full of different acne products that try to catch-all acne solutions. But not all acne products are the same, just like everybody’s skin needs aren’t the same! Murad makes several options for different types of skin. Products like the Murad Acne Complex line is great for most types of skin, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right combination of acne products for your skin. You may want to consider anti-aging acne products, acne pill supplements, and perhaps alternative cleansers.

    Read the rest of this entry »

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