• Makeup for acne-prone skin

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    Many people dealing with acne and blemishes avoid makeup because of the myth that it causes acne. The truth is only ‘bad’ makeup causes acne flare-ups. With light, improved formulas, acne shouldn’t be a concern. Besides, you can still continue applying treatment under makeup, or even better, use acne medicated makeup formulas.
    Here are a few tips to help you choose the most suitable makeup if you have acne prone complexion: 
    Foundation: Chose non-comedogenic, oil-free foundations. Be careful though -If they’re just oil-free, it doesn’t mean they are non-comedogenic at the same time. Comedogenic ingredients are diverse – some binders and emulsifiers can make a formula comedogenic. If you have oily skin, chose a suitable foundation “for oily skin” that will control the excess sebum production and help you achieve a matte finish. Stay away from very thick formulas that promise full coverage. First of all it would look very unnatural and secondly it might be a burden for your blemished skin. Read the rest of this entry »

  • 7 Rules of Summer Skincare


    Now is the perfect time to switch your entire skincare regimen to a summer regimen. Naturally, there are products you just can’t live without all year round, but generally it is recommended that you change a few of your skincare products and usage with the change of seasons. While in winter it is mostly recommended to use thicker, intensely hydrating creams and strong serum treatments, summer time calls for lighter, gentler formulas for all the products you may use. Here’s what you should change this summer:

    1. Use a lighter, water based moisturizer. In winter, skin is drier and needs extra protection from cold so an oil-based moisturizer or a thicker formula is best suited for your skin. But summer’s soaring temperatures, sun and sweat won’t make a good environment for the heavy creams. Switch to a light lotion that is preferably water based. For oily skin, choose an oil-absorbing, mattifying formula or apply a primer over your moisturizer.
    2. Increase your SPF usage. Not just the frequency, but also its number! If winter time is mostly cloudy where you live, a SPF 15 is generally a good choice for everyday wear. But summer’s sun is most damaging for your skin, especially if you are wearing other medicated treatments, so increase the SPF to 20 or 30 or even higher if needed, but make sure to reapply often (after sweating or washing your face it is best to reapply sunscreen in order to stay protected) Read the rest of this entry »
  • New member of the Resurgence family


    Today’s makeup is super long-wearing—that means great day coverage but a real risk of clogged pores and acne at night. To meet the challenge of easily removing these long-wearing products without stripping your skin, we’ve developed Renewing Cleansing Oil. Renewing Cleansing Oil is a remarkable new, non-greasy cleanser that has the power to thoroughly remove your makeup without scrubbing. Renewing Cleansing Oil not only leaves your skin remarkably clean, it actually leaves your skin Noticeably softer and smoother.

    Renewing Cleansing Oil forms a strong bond with the oils and minerals that give your makeup its staying power. That’s why when you rinse off Renewing Cleansing Oil, makeup, BB cream, sun-block, excess oil and impurities rinse off too—leaving skin free of potentially pore clogging debris. And Renewing Cleansing Oil isn’t just an exceptional makeup remover. Renewing Cleansing Oil supports the health of your skin by preserving your natural pH balance and strengthening skin’s natural protective barrier.

    Massage Renewing Cleansing Oil’s botanical oil formula directly onto dry skin to dissolve makeup—even the most stubborn mascara. Rinse off dissolved makeup and grime with a splash of water to enjoy skin that’s soft, residue-free and healthfully clean.

    STEP 1
    Apply to dry skin with damp hands
    STEP 2
    Massage to dissolve makeup
    STEP 3
    Add water to rinse away

  • Sensational Skincare Before Summer


    Congratulations – you made it to spring! With the weather getting better and better every single day, everyone is getting anxious for summer to start. One of the biggest things that changes in the summer is the weather. What happens when it gets hot? That’s right – people start showing more skin.

    Achieving sensational skin is something that everyone wants to achieve, but no one really knows how. There are so many products, treatments, and myths out in the world due to false advertising and marketing that it isn’t a surprise some people are skeptical of every single product that is labeled “skin treatment” or “skincare”.

    However, not all of the products and treatments are fake. In fact, there are a lot that actually work, and are extremely beneficial to your physical appearance, your health, and your confidence.

    What Are Some Skincare Tips?

    Massage… Don’t Just Dab

    One of the biggest things that people miss when moisturizing their face is that they don’t massage the moisturizer in, they just dab it on. The difference that actually taking the time to massage your skin can make is enormous. In fact, if you don’t think moisturizing your face works it would be very smart of you to really think about how you are applying that moisturizer. Do you just put it on and wash it off really quick? Do you take the time to put it on and really apply it evenly to the surface of your face? Read the rest of this entry »

  • Tips to Ensure Your Makeup Lasts All Day


    Tips to Ensure Your Makeup Lasts All Day – Murad Skin Care

      Shop the mentioned Murad skin care products:

    • Perfecting Serum
      Hydrates and refines complexion by locking in and restoring natural moisture levels. When applied over moisturizer and before makeup, this silky gel provides a flawless, long wearing finish.

    • Skin Perfecting Primers
      This 2-in-1 problem solver provides a radiant glow that creates a smooth, resilient canvas while evening skin texture and tone. Now mask your skin concerns while you resolve them!

    • Hydrating Toner
      Tone to hold moisture and softness. This classic toner rebalances and rehydrates skin while neutralizing surface impurities. Part of the Resurgence line of anti wrinkle and anti aging skin treatment products, specifically designed for hormonal aging.
  • Trick or Treat: Beautiful Skin after Halloween Night.



    It’s Halloween, you’ve been planning and designing your costume for weeks. Well, this is the big night when you get to finally put it on. Is makeup part of your costume this year?  We hope the photos turn out great, but we also hope you don’t get any unsightly souvenirs on your skin because of the makeup.

    So here’s what you can do to prevent post-Halloween skin problems:

    1. Apply your makeup on the clean and moisturized skin. Don’t treat your skin differently than you would with regular makeup application, the same skincare rules apply. And since your Halloween makeup is thicker, make sure your skin is well hydrated underneath that layer or face paint!  Use your regular moisturizer and don’t forget a hydrating eye cream.
    2. Don’t use cheap makeup. Specialized stores have better quality makeup that lasts longer and is designed to prevent side-effects you’d see with cheap makeup. Another option is to find organic Halloween makeup at select stores.  If you have very sensitive skin, it is best if you skip the face makeup altogether and only use minimal designs.
    3. Enjoy the night! In moderation…  Avoid eating too much refined sugars and get some healthier treats when possible.  Sugar has been shown to contribute to acne flare-ups by increasing your insulin levels and triggering hormonal responses that can affect your skin as well.
    4. Remove makeup before sleep! As always, this piece of advice is a beauty imperative. Wash your face well to remove any residue and avoid rubbing too hard as this can cause damage to the outer skin layer.
    5. Exfoliate and hydrate! Use a gentle exfoliator to unclog those paint-clogged pores. To treat your skin to a deep cleanse, apply a clay mask on your face for 10 minutes then wash it off and apply a nourishing moisturizer.
    6. Treat. If you are acne prone, don’t forget to apply an overnight acne treatment lotion on your skin to prevent breakouts the next day.  Apply your treatment before moisturizer and enjoy a good night’s sleep that will help your skin regenerate and look beautiful in the morning!
  • Eye Makeup and Skin Care Tips for Aging Skin


    Of all the areas of your face, the part that shows the signs of aging the most prominently is the area around the eyes. Because the skin in that area doesn’t produce as much oil as the rest of your face (as well as having thinner skin), it’s prone to dehydration and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. There are plenty of products out there that are formulated to help your skin combat and minimize the signs of aging around your eyes. But if you’re wearing makeup, there are ways you can combine your skin care with your makeup application. So how do you make your eyes look younger and brighter? Here are some tips.

    Go Proactive with an Eye Cream

    Even before you think about putting on makeup, have you started taking care of the skin around your eyes. Take a proactive approach to combating fine lines and wrinkles by using a formulated eye cream like Murad Canada’s Renewing Eye Cream, you can reduce puffiness while increasing elasticity and firmness. Natural emollients help to boost moisture that will give the skin around your eyes and brighter, more youthful appearance. Another effective product is Murad Canada’s Essential-C Eye Cream SPF 15 | PA++, which not only protects skin from harmful UV rays, but also contains antioxidant-rich ingredients that combats free radicals that can damage the skin around your eyes.

    Renewing Eye CreamCustomer Review: Renewing Eye Cream

    From tea bags to cucumbers and on to cosmetic counters, believe me, I have tried them all. Renewing Eye Cream is the only product that delivers what it promises. I use the smallest pearl-like drop and gently massage it in with circular motions under each eye morning and night. Renewing Eye Cream does not travel and sting my eyes. It softens the look of fine lines, brightens the area around my eyes, and has remarkably diminished the bagginess. It’s been over a year now since I first started using Renewing Eye Cream and I adore its results.” Read the rest of this entry »

  • Makeup for Oily Skin: Murad Hybrids Review


    Murad Canada HybridsHere at Murad Canada, we love to hear what our customers have to say about the great skin care products we offer. Our customers are certainly familiar with the glowing reviews and testimonials all over our site for our acne products and our anti aging products. But did you know that Good Housekeeping declared Murad Hybrids® as their skin care product of the year? We like to describe Murad Hybrids with the phrase, “It’s not makeup, it’s Murad!” But what are Murad Hybrids really all about to make them skin care products of the year?


    What are Murad Hybrids?

    Murad Hybrids do two jobs in one product: they take the best of cosmetics to hide flaws in your skin while including skin treatment ingredients to improve your skin’s health. One of our wonderful customers wrote in to us to tell us all about their unique experience with Hybrid’s Skin Perfecting Primer – Dewy Finish, which is specially formulated to cover flaws on your skin while minimizing pores, utilizing light-enhancing minerals to give you glowing skin. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Makeup and Acne Treatment

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    We all know there are a number of factors at play when it comes to what causes acne breakouts (making it vital to find your own unique acne treatment plan). What you wear as your makeup can play an important role in how you keep your skin clear – or how often and severely your skin breaks out. For some women, breakouts might just be caused only by makeup alone (what dermatologists call “Acne Cosmetica”), so it may be time for a change of makeup to help prevent the number of breakouts that happen. So what can you do so that makeup is helping you get rid of acne instead of causing breakouts? Here are three things to consider when it comes to makeup and your acne treatment routine.


    Make Sure You Target Your Acne-Prone Skin Properly with a Diagnosis

    What kind of skin you have is going to require different kinds of treatments, so figuring it out takes a professional opinion. So if you aren’t sure if you have Acne Cosmetica or Acne Vulgaris, make sure you visit a dermatologist for a professional consultation. Once you know what condition your skin is in, you can more effectively treat it. If your acne is hormonal acne or the result of stress or a specific skin type, then, while good makeup practices are important, your acne treatment products, lifestyle choices and making sure that you have overall healthy skin are really the only things that will result in clear, acne-free skin for the long time. If you have Acne Cosmetica, then simply changing your makeup products or how you use makeup (or for that matter changing your skin care products) can make a significant difference. The key is to understand what role makeup is playing in causing your acne breakouts and then minimizing that role. A dermatologist can certainly help you, but if you suspect that your acne is due to Acne Cosmetica, then try going makeup free or switching to all-natural skin care products for a period of time to see if that improves your skin clarity. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Skin Care and Makeup: Three Golden Rules to Remember

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    Skin Care and MakeupNo matter what skin care products you’re using, they have to work in conjunction with your makeup routine in order for you to have healthy, beautiful skin. While (most!) men are free from the worries of makeup, almost all women regardless of age have to consider the effects of makeup when crafting their best skincare regimen. However, there are three simple rules that, if followed, will mean that your makeup doesn’t have to mean that your skin looks any less healthy when the makeup comes off!


    Rule Number One for Healthy Skin: Pay Attention to Ingredients in Your Makeup!

    Just a quick search on the internet can reveal so much about the frightening ingredients that go into makeup that you’ll never want to wear it again! However, there are plenty of quality makeup lines out there that tone down the use of harsh chemicals and increase the use of botanical and natural ingredients. Focus on those ingredients – not only are they healthier for your skin, but they are also healthier for the planet. Read the rest of this entry »

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