• Play Now: Pay Later – Why Tanning Damages Your Skin


    When the weather warms up, we’re more and more tempted to want to get some sun, especially if we haven’t ventured out much during the winter months. After all, the sunshine feels good, doesn’t it? But of course, we can’t be out in the sun too long, or else our skin can pay the price down the line. Harmful UV rays are the number one cause of the signs of aging in your skin. Not only do UV rays from the sun accentuate and accelerate the forming of fine lines and wrinkles among other issues, it can cause serious health problems such as skin cancer down the road. A proper skin care routine will help combat many issues if started early! So why does tanning damage your skin?


    UV Rays Contain Free Radicals

    While there are free radicals in the pollution and toxins from the environment, there are also free radicals that are caused by the sun. Free radicals are cells in the body that contain one electron instead of two, which means that those cells will try to “steal” electrons from other cells. This can cause a breakdown of cells in the skin and accelerates the signs of aging. While using sunscreen and sunblock can help keep free radicals from damaging your skin, making sure you eat a diet that rich in antioxidants that can help counteract the damage of free radicals. Antioxidants are essential in helping your body neutralize free radicals.



    Even when the sun is out during the winter months, you skin can become dehydrated. Skin that is not getting enough water can cause fine lines and wrinkles to become worse, especially in the skin around the eyes where oil production isn’t as prevalent. Sticking to your usual topical skin care products can help. But part of your skin care treatment routine should include a change in your diet that involves eating your water as well as making sure you drink enough water.


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    The Breakdown of Collagen

    Sunlight doesn’t just damage the skin on the surface – it can also damage the layers of skin just underneath. The epidermis (which is the layer just beneath the dermis, which is the surface of your skin) contains many fibers of elastin and collagen that help keep your skin taut and smooth. UV rays from the sun make free radicals that can cause collagen fibers to break down, leading to an acceleration of the signs of aging on your skin.

    If you want that sun-kissed glow any time of year, make sure you use skin care products and makeup that utilize a bronzer that will give you the glow without the damage. And of course, sunscreen or sunblock should be a vital part of your daily skin care treatment routine!

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