• Ten Skin Foods that Nourish from the Inside


    Infographic on Skin FoodIf you are spending a fortune on beauty creams in an attempt to rescue tired skin, and don’t seem to be getting anywhere, it could simply be that you are not caring enough for your skin cells from the inside. For optimum skincare, you need to have the right balance between the creams that you apply topically to the skin, and the foods that you eat in order to provide your cells with the nourishment that they need to function correctly.

    Free radicals have been getting bad press for a number of years now, for a reason. These harmful molecules have components missing from them that they try and steal from the molecules around them. This causes a chain reaction of damaged molecules, which lead to skin cells breaking down and results in skin that looks saggy and tired.

    The trick therefore, nip this process in the bud before the free radical has chance to cause any damage, or to prevent the free radical forming in the first place. The process that forms a free radical molecule is known as oxidation, as it is a reaction with oxygen molecules that cause them. Plenty of antioxidants are therefore required in the diet to prevent free radicals from forming. The antioxidants include (but are not limited to) vitamins A, B, C and E and minerals such as selenium and zinc.

    This infographic is aimed at providing you with nutritional summaries for ten of the top skin foods, which includes asparagus, sweet potato, broccoli and spinach, as they are packed full of skin-healthy nutrition. Adding these into your diet will help to detox your skin, and give it a boost. Add to that a wide range of nuts and seeds, brightly coloured fruit and vegetables, plus omega-3 loaded wild fish and lean meat, some exercise and plenty of water, and you are sure to start seeing the difference.

    Ten Skin Foods


    This infographic was created by Linda Firth on behalf of the WebVoucherCodes.co.uk blog, as part of her quest for affordable and effective skincare.

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