• The Power of Pomegranate

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    Antioxidants are cell protectors that help boost our body’s defense system against harmful free radicals and environmental damage. The newest powerful antioxidant on the skincare ingredients list comes from the beautiful pomegranate. A native plant of Northern Africa, pomegranate has been used for medicinal purposes and has been praised for its nutritional benefits since ancient times. At the time, pomegranate juice was used as an efficient remedy in digestive problems, cough or infections. Nowadays, independent research links pomegranate’s antioxidants to anti-aging and anti-cancer benefits. 

    Healing and shielding, pomegranate can only be your skin’s best friend. The first to incorporate pomegranate extract as a key ingredient in anti-aging and sun-care products was Dr. Howard Murad. Following research on the antioxidant properties of this fruit, Dr. Murad developed products using pomegranate extract as the main ingredient designed to fight aging sings and free radicals damage on the skin. Apart from that, it turns out this ingredient is highly effective when combined with sunscreen, improving its power and efficiency! Taken internally or just used within topical sunscreens, pomegranate will help protect against UV radiation even better, increasing the efficiency of the sun protection factor.


    Free radicals damage on the skin is almost impossible to avoid. Just consider these: daily exposure to sunlight, smog, pollution, stress, and other environmental factors. Free radicals are molecules that erode tissue through the process called oxidation (similar to rust formation). During their action, free radicals produce chain reactions that result in the multiplication of free radicals that damage cells. Their effects on the skin are usually referred to as ‘environmental aging’: skin tone is uneven, fine lines and wrinkles begin to develop, skin loses elasticity and appears dry or rough. Possible negative effects also include discoloration or hyper pigmentation.
    The good news is that free radicals can be neutralized by powerful antioxidants whose main role is to prevent the oxidation process of the cells; antioxidants can be found in pomegranate as well as other fruits or vegetables, tea, coffee, vegetal oils, soy or red wine. The difference is that some groups of antioxidants are more efficient in skincare than others. Polyphenols are the best example of powerful antioxidants and are plentiful in pomegranate; ellagic acid is the polyphenol of pomegranate, renowned for the strongest age proofing qualities and for the anti-cancer benefits. Recent studies showed Pomegranate Seed Oil is very efficient in treating skin cancer.


    How can you boost up your pomegranate intake? If you prefer it raw, look for the fruit in stores or go for the natural pomegranate juice, often available in bottles in every grocery store. Pomegranate supplements can be found in some health stores all year long, even when the fruit is out of season.  For Dr. Murad’s skincare products with pomegranate, see available selection on muradcanada.com 


    • I am a firm believer in all of your skin care products. They are amazing! I am just wondering that with such high quality products you don’t use higher ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbence Capacity) value like Acai berries or black raspberries instead of pomegranate?

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