• The Science Behind Cellulite


    There is probably no acute beauty problem like cellulite. It’s become a universal skincare issue as it is approximated that ninety percent of women suffer from cellulite and quite the same amount is trying to undo its effects with just about any method available.

    Cosmetology brings various treatments but science comes to the rescue for a deeper understanding and a more effective cure. Cellulite is a skin problem and not necessarily a fat problem. Bumps and the so called “orange peel” looks of the skin are the visible marks of cellulite. From special body creams to various massage accessories, many solutions are meant to improve cellulite and the lumpy looks of body areas like thighs or arms but the truth is none is proven to be 100% successful and no short-time treatment will ever be able to erase cellulite forever. So it’s time to consider a little change of life style, diet and skincare regimen. Little changes made every day can lead to spectacular long term results. But don’t think you can conquer cellulite solely by dealing with the damaged tissue from the outside….

    Dr. Howard Murad ‘s groundbreaking Water Principle can be applied successfully for treating cellulite as well as other skin problems. Yet again, the inside out approach proves to be the most suitable for long-term results. This principle outlines the importance of the cellular water in your body and the ability of your cell membranes to hold water. The entire body and overall health can benefit thus helping diminish all skin problems, including the unpleasant one of cellulite.

    Howard Murad, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA and founder of Murad Inc. explains these principles and offers a scientific solution to reduce cellulite in his best seller book “The Cellulite Solution”. To repair tissue and prevent cellulite from forming, we need hydrated cells and strengthened connective tissue. Giving your body the proper nutrients that maintain healthy skin, we contribute to an improvement in the skin quality and looks. By following Dr. Murad’s program which combines the little lifestyle changes, founded on his Inclusive Health philosophy, with efficient skincare treatments, you can visibly reduce dimpling and improve stretch-marks.

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    TIP: get the most of skincare publications and give yourself the chance to learn more about your skin’s anatomy and how to improve your health. By figuring out the key elements for your skin, you can enjoy healthy, beautiful and youthful looking skin for a long time. And also, you can save a lot of money on complicated procedures and lengthy treatments!

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